The Financialist: ‘UK property market is hindering recovery’

20th August 2012

Quotation of the Day

Alistair Darling's open letter to George Osborne: "Your policies since 2010 simply haven't worked, you need another plan – call it plan B, call it whatever you like. But unless you do something now it will be years before we recover."

Chart of the Day




Pension investors who have held their nerve and stuck with high-risk multi-asset funds during the past three years have done well. (Financial News)


Why is unemployment falling in the UK economy at a time when the economy is still shrinking? (Adam Smith)

How the UK's property market is putting up a barrier to economic recovery. (Ibtimes)

Will a fall in the British pound put more strain on the coalition government's policies? (CNBC)

Hurrah! Insolvency rate falls despite double-dip recession. (London loves Business)



When markets are at their most uninteresting, it can also be the best time to make the next move. (Morningstar)

Investing beginners are told diversification is good. But is it? (Motley Fool)

Does the FTSE still offfer value at 5800+? (Capitalists@Work)



The Treasury Select Committee's report on the libor scandal sticks the boot into Barclays, the BoE and FSA.  (Reuters)

The reality is that for banks like HSBC, drugs are a massive banking business. (Golem XIV)

Breaking up universal banks is a bad idea. There are better ways to make them safer. (The Economist)

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