The Financialist: ‘Would a third runway be

5th September 2012

Quote of the day

Chris Dillow, "If cabinet ministers are anything like football managers or equity analysts……reshuffles don't lead to better government." (Stumbling and Mumbling)

Chart of the day


The great Indian GDP growth conundrum.  (FT Alphaville)


UK ranked as 8th most competitive country in world. (Guardian)

Would a third runway be ‘good value' for the taxpayer? (Adam Smith)

Economists claim that Britain has begun to "claw its way out of recession." (Telegraph)

Just how excited should businesses be about state-owned bank? (Small Business)


What lessons can investors learn from the debacles that are HMV, JJB, MCHL, PMK & YELL? (Capitalists@Work)

 The one UK share Warren Buffett loves.  (Motley Fool )


The unfortunate truth of how America became a nation of skimmers and scammers. (Zero Hedge)

Wall Street's financial war against society: Why bondholders can't – and shouldn't – be paid. (Counterpunch)

Where is a blueprint for a new American capitalism likely to come from? (Washington Post)

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