The Top 10 untold stories of our economic crisis

10th August 2012

Home Economics: Will Rising Food Prices Ruin the Recovery?

Rising food prices is bad news for the global economy since it can kill growth in two important ways. First, there is a consumption effect (lower income families can't spend as much). Second, there is a policy effect (central banks, fearing inflation, may hike interest rates). TIME


The Top Ten Unfinished/Untold Stories of Our Economic Crisis

Larry Doyle, a Wall Street veteran, presents his top ten unfinished/untold stories of the recent economic crisis. Unsurprisingly, the Bernie Madoff scandal and the bankruptcy of MF Global make their way on to the list. Sense on Cents


Are Economists as Biased as Everyone Else?

Daniel Hamermesh says like others, economists tend to favour those like themselves. That's the bad news. "The good news is that, where it really matters-in judging scholarly papers for publication-economists are remarkably fair." Freakonomics


Not your father's stagnation

Last week, obscure Tory MP Douglas Carswell tweeted, "1976 again. The orthodox approach to the economy is bust." One obvious question: is if this is the 70s, where is the inflation? The Economist


Who Are Tomorrow's Consumers?

Sanjeev Sanyal argues that we are in the middle of a social and demographic shift that will both destroy and create consumer markets. One obvious question is: who will be at the core of the new consumer landscape? An aging but increasingly middle-class Asia, says Mr. Sanyal. Project Syndicate


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