The top 20 car-theft hotspots revealed

9th March 2016


Car owners in areas of London, West Yorkshire and the West Midlands are more likely to have their cars stolen, according to REaD Group, the data communications agency.

These figures, sourced from the group’s pool of consumer data combined with open sourced UK Crime statistics, reveal that the City of London has the highest rate of vehicle theft in the UK with 50 vehicle thefts to every 100 households. While other areas topping the list were West Central London (22), Croydon (19), Halifax (16), and Birmingham (15).

“Our data has put a light on the staggering amount of car thefts occurring in The City of London,” says Scott Logie, managing director of REaD Group Insight.

“Of course, you hear cautionary tales from your insurance provider about theft, but this eye-opening statistic demonstrates how vital it is for people to look for a policy that covers this vulnerability, rather than being driven solely by price when it comes to insurance,” he says.

So how can drivers limit the risk to their cars if you live in one of these vulnerable areas? According to, it is vital that drivers to park in safe places and always secure their vehicle properly. Leaving costly possessions on display, like SatNav systems or mobile phones, encourages thieves to single out your car, so make sure you take them with you when you leave the car. While installing an alarm or steering wheel lock will often deter anyone looking for an easy target.

Of course, even if you protect yourself from falling victim to break-ins and vehicle theft, living in a high-risk area will mean your premiums rise. Avoid costly premiums by comparing policies each year.

Don’t assume that your existing provider will offer you the best deal when you renew because they very often won’t. Comparison websites such as or can help you find the cheapest price for the cover you need and potentially save you hundreds a year.

An insurer is looking at the level of risk you present and if you keep your car off the road at night then you’re at less of a risk of theft or vandalism. So, if you have access to a garage or drive then use it.

What’s more, if you agree to a higher excess – that’s the amount you pay before the insurer stumps up – your premiums could well fall. Bear in mind that you will need to come up with that cash in the event of a claim, so don’t agree anything you can’t afford.

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