Vodafone launches into the UK broadband market

10th June 2015


Vodafone has launched into the UK’s highly competitive broadband market aiming to become one of the country’s leading providers of “consumer communications and entertainment services”.

The service, Vodafone Connect, is being tentatively rolled out starting with Manchester and some of the Home Counties, and is initially limited to existing Vodafone mobile customers.

The communications giant already offers fixed broadband services across 12 countries in Europe and UK non-customers are expected to be offered the service later this year when they will be able to buy the service over the phone or at any one its stores across the country.

The Vodafone Connect companion mobile app, coupled with the router, offers a range of features which the firm said will give customers greater control over the devices in the home.

For example, ‘Boost’ allows customers to supercharge any device connected to their home network, giving that device priority over others. ‘Beam’, which uses Beamforming technology, sends a stronger Wi-Fi signal to compatible devices wherever they are in the home.

The Family Time feature allows customers to manage and set time limits, giving them control over when Wi-Fi is available and when it is not.

The service comes with three speeds: 17, 38 and 76 megabits per second, respectively costing £10, £20 and £25 a month. Existing mobile clients are offered discounts.

Commenting on Vodafone’s launch, Ewan Taylor-Gibson, broadband expert at comparison site uSwitch.com said: “Vodafone is offering a fibre service right off the bat, throwing in a free router, slashing the price by half for the first 12 months and promoting its Easy Switching service – showing awareness that one of the biggest barriers to switching is the fear of being left without any internet at home. But although its pricing is competitive, it’s not the cheapest and for now, at least, its service is not widely available.”

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