Wedding guests paying nearly £400 for attending the big day

22nd June 2015


Wedding guests typically shell out £377 for the privilege of attending their loved ones’ big day out as cost of gifts, accommodation and clothing stack up, claims new research from Nationwide.

The building society’s analysis showed that male wedding guests who attend stag dos part with £51 more per wedding than female guests, spending £404 compared to £353 respectively.

The national survey, which polled 2,000 adults who have attended a wedding, showed those also take part in the stag or hen do spend an additional £157, although a quarter, at 25%, spend in excess of £200 on each occasion.

However stags, at £178, spend more than hens, with £136 partying, possibly as they tend to go further afield with double the amount of men celebrating abroad compared to women.

As might be expected, those aged 18 to 24 spend the most at £215, with the amount spent steadily declining as people reach 55 and over, where it nearly halves to an average of £109.

And perhaps in an attempt to keep the costs down, the more traditional night on the town still trumps trips abroad with half, at 51%, staying local compared to just 12%.

But in regards to the actual wedding ceremony Nationwide’s research showed guests are spending an average of £221 on the wedding day itself, paying for new outfits, gifts, travel, hotel stays and drinks, although one in six, or 17% spend more than £300.

Notably men spend the most on attending the wedding day, averaging £225, compared to women who spend £217.

Phil Smith, Nationwide’s head of current accounts, said: “Sharing in someone’s special day is a wonderful occasion, but it can turn into a costly experience, particularly for serial guests.  But there are many ways to budget better, such as finding deals on transport and hotels in advance, travelling with other wedding guests to reduce cost and buying a present from the gift list early in order to bag a cheaper item. Putting a little money aside regularly can also make a big difference come the day.”

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