What is Mindful Money?

1st January 1999

A social news and knowledge network

Mindful money is a response to the investment information overload. It's a new kind of media venture – we call it a social news and knowledge network. In order to ‘put the context back in' we think we need to create a new kind of journalism and a new kind of (social) media platform to deliver it.

Mindful Money is about sense-making, knowledge, insight and hopefully, occasionally even wisdom.

What's so mindful about mindful money?

We're not setting out to deliver one more angle on the news. Instead, we're setting out to put the context back into the investment news agenda so that the ordinary investor can make sense of it.

It means joining up the dots, joining up the people who have some of the context but not all of it. We will create new frames for stories, take the time to hunt down the story behind the story, reflect back to the investment community what it has missed or what it's trying not to see; bring in new voices and contrarian points of view.

Why bother?

News and knowledge about investing and investments needs to reach a bigger audience, and most of us are simply not informable, because we don't have the context to make sense of the news we consume (in addition to the advertising messages, the corporate fact sheets, the expert opinion pieces and the many internet voices in blogs and communities.) That's why.

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