What will the Top 10 companies be in 2050?

16th July 2012

What Will the Top Ten Companies Be in 2050?

"Exxon Hydro," "Tata Soft" and "Google Goldman Sachs." Confused? Don't be. Those are just a few examples of what would be atop of the corporate menu in 2050 according to Daniel Franklin. The Economist


Turkish economy flying high for now

Compared to the ailing economies of neighbouring Europe, Turkey's economy has never looked so good. Nevertheless, Anita Mcnaught says some Turks are starting to sound a warning note: Turkey cannot indefinitely defy the laws of economic gravity – "What comes up must come down." Al Jazeera


The US Housing Bust Is Over

David Wessel, who offers some of the best economic commentary around, believes that there is compelling evidence to show that the housing market has turned the corner. As a result, housing should now reflect the overall pace of the economy, instead of continuing to drag it down, "which has been doing for the last five or six years." WSJ Digital Network


How Cronyism is Hurting the Economy

Occupy Wall Street complains that America suffers from rampant and runaway crony capitalism. So how can we fix this problem? How can we make the economic playing field fairer? Its temping to think there's an easy solution: all we need to do is increase government regulation. But according to Professor Jason Brennan, that solution may be the very thing causing the problem. Learn Liberty


Obama's top economist: The rich get richer but spend less

Alan Krueger, Chairman of Council of Economic Advisers estimates that the top 1% – who spend less of their money than the bottom 99%  –  reduce total U.S. consumption by $400 billion a year. Reuters


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