Why only Yuppies feel busy: An economic theory

18th July 2012

Bubbles and Bailouts: Why Some Economists Failed

Mark Thoma believes that instead of paying attention to the economists who had been right about the recession all along and involving them policy discussions, Congress listened to the voices that had mostly gotten things wrong. The Fiscal Times


Why Only Yuppies Feel Busy: An Economic Theory

Jordon Weissman points us into the direction of a research paper written by Daniel Hamermesh, a Texas economist, in which he argues that wealthier people are much more likely to complain about being busy than the poor because they never have extra time to spend their money. The Atlantic


The Sucking Sound of Air Leaving the Economy

"It would be better if I were wrong, since I live in the real economy, but if you want a happy ending, you may need to go to the movies." That's the grim view of Yves Smith, as she scrolls down the list of what seems like a never ending catalogue of bad economic data to come out in recent weeks. Naked Capitalism


China's GDP Hit Tells Story of Hubris Run Amok

According to William Pesek, the lesson from recent economic data and policy moves in the Asia-Pacific region is this: Asia believed its own press a little too much. Bloomberg View


Revolutionizing Arab Economies

 With the ongoing showdown in Egypt between the country's Islamists and its military rulers serving as clear reminder of how difficult democratic transitions in the Arab world can be. Sinan Ulgen says there are several ways its international neighbours can help Arab governments launch and sustain initiatives to improve their countries' economic prospects. Project Syndicate

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