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Reading List: Why people hate the banks

  • 4 April 2012

Keynes Was The Warren Buffett of His Day

Matthew O'Brien thinks the British Economists' investing acumen helps explain why he was sceptical of markets and favoured public spending. The Atlantic


How To Prevent Other Financial Crises

Two academics suggest that when it comes to financial agents, nobody should be in a position to have the upside without sharing the downside, particularly when others maybe harmed. Fooled By Randomness


Can Asian-Style Capitalism Save the West?

Though not entirely convinced that that Asian capitalism is better than Western-style capitalism, Michael Schuman says that West can be saved by Asian capitalism – "if that means dropping the political bickering and ideological grandstanding and doing whatever is necessary to create prosperity." TIME


The Worst Economic Recovery in History

Edward Lazear says an abandonment of economic policies that aim to promote economic growth may mean this is the first "recovery" in history that fails to see the US return to its long-term average growth. Hoover Institution


Why People Hate the Banks

"In my church, we pray for forgiveness for the ‘evil done on our behalf,' " she wrote in an e-mail.  "Banks should do more than pray. They should be held responsible." New York Times


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