Strong inflation is not necessary for strong gains in gold

Inflation down, gold up” isn’t something you are likely to hear in the near future, but that doesn’t necessarily make it untrue. UK consumer-price inflation was reported at 0% for February but at the same time gold priced in British … Read More

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Gold looking much better than the FTSE All Share for 2014

After 2013 belonged to equities and gold prices sank, 2014 saw a split between the US and the rest of the world thanks to the rising dollar. Gold gained over 6% in 2014 for UK investors as the FTSE All … Read More

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Oh those ghoulish gold bugs

Highlights from last week in gold. Gold dumps 3.5% only to spike then drop back on airliner horror… Janet Yellen shares her stock tips, investors buy bonds… Pound tops 6-year highs after London house prices show fastest rise ever… India’s … Read More

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Gold is no longer a ‘barbarous relic’

India loves gold so much, the government last year slammed the door on new imports to try and stem the country’s huge trade deficit. It worked, at least on paper. India’s current account deficit fell 65% between 2013 and 2014. … Read More

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Gold and financial markets looking boring at the moment

Tedious Shocker for Financial Boredom In the markets this week… Gold & silver do their job, rise as stock markets fall… Gold ATM does its job again, wins a little PR for coin shop… New York police do their job, … Read More

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Replacing London’s Silver Fix – you need real buying, selling and settling to make a price and not a magic number

Week’s highlights Gold and silver rise for the week vs. Dollar… ECB fails to devalue the Euro, QE next… World stockmarkets hit new record highs regardless… London Fix – Priceless Irony The race is on then to replace London’s Silver … Read More

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Boring gold losing “Safe Haven Appeal”. Apparently

This week’s highlights.  Gold falls 2% to 16-week low of $1261 per ounce… Silver holds steadier, keeps flattening above $19… Asia & European equities struggle to follow Wall Street’s new record highs… Dollar pushes Euro to 15-week low, Sterling tests … Read More

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The fact Europe’s central banks haven’t sold gold probably means more than the new Central Bank Gold Agreement

The Eurozone central banks, plus Switzerland, have signed a new gold sales agreement. It will start running when the current deal expires in September. The deal was first signed in September 1999, after the UK Treasury had dumped half the … Read More

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Gold to surge on BJP win in India? Three reasons why the answer is likely to be ‘No’

FOR A NATION where gold investment and ownership matters so very much, politicians in India have gone awful quiet about its de facto ban on gold imports during the current national elections. Finally ending in Varanasi on Monday after four … Read More

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Forget the Madeleines. Eat the Rich (or where is gold in Piketty’s thesis?)

The week’s highlights Wall Street hits record, gold cuts 2014 gain to 6%… US Fed tapers again yet Dollar also slips… Silver tanks and rallies, but trades 2% down for 2014… Sterling jumps as housing, spending jump back to 2007… … Read More

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