How worried should investors be about QE tapering and should they be changing their portfolios?

Much has been talked about recently about the ‘Great Reversion’ from Bonds to Equities. Scenarios about the slow down of Quantitative Easing (QE) creating widening yields are being played out in the chat rooms of direct investor sites and by … Read More

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Don’t rely on the state for your retirement

Back in the day….our parents told us to always put something aside for a rainy day. But then again, back in the day, our woods, parks and forests were full of red squirrels. But, just like the other American disease, … Read More

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Inflation, compound growth and some lessons for investors

I remember a time at school, sitting in a maths class when the subject of ‘compounding’ first raised its head. The example used by my teacher was one, which I am sure we have all heard; ‘if you place one … Read More

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