The Bank of England suggests raising savers’ protection to £1 million. What are the implications and why now?

The Bank of England has released a proposal paper to help better protect savers and smooth concerns in the savings market. Among the four proposals are details to increase depositor’s protection from £85,000 up to £1million but only for temporary … Read More

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Savings rates – more customers switching will help but it is not the whole answer

The financial watchdog the Financial Conduct Authority has issued an interim report into the savings market. The findings though unsurprising highlight the key issues in the savings market and the extent of the problem savers face. A key concern is … Read More

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The New ISA has arrived but what approach is your bank or building society taking to top ups?

At last the New ISA (NISA) has arrived today, but with it comes the inevitable confusion. The main problem arises from the fact that fixed rate ISAs once closed for new business usually restrict savers from adding to their investment. … Read More

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National Counties Building Society to cut rate on its 45-day notice cash ISA just months after featuring in the best buy lists

Savers were dealt a fresh blow this week after it was announced that the rate on a best buy Cash ISA, which has only just been withdrawn from sale and featured in the best buy tables in April, will be … Read More

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Full list of the fixed rate NISA top up deadlines from Savings Champion

The Budget brought with it some positive news for savers, not least the increase to the total ISA allowance from £11,880 to £15,000 from 1st July 2014, but better still allowing savers to invest the total amount into cash. This … Read More

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It’s the new challenger banks driving rates in the fixed rate bond market

Savings rates have been on a downward spiral for years, not least since the Bank of England base rate hit 0.5% over 5 years ago, but also following the introduction of the Funding for Lending scheme in 2012. The continual … Read More

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It may make sense to save with Co-operative Bank/Britannia. Just don’t save more than £85,000 with one bank

The losses announced by Co-op Bank will no doubt leave some savers cold, not least its members, including savers with Britannia. However, they are not the first to show signs of financial difficulty in recent years. Unsurprisingly Britannia has recently … Read More

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Can your fixed rate ISA provider cope with the New ISA? (with a list of saving providers that can)

The Budget took many of us by surprise, none more so than the banks and building societies that now have to scramble in preparation for the new ISA rules coming into force on 1 July. Some providers were quick to … Read More

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A handy last minute guide to the best variable and fixed rate cash ISAs

With just days left until the end of the 2013/14 tax year, savers would be wise to move fast if they don’t want to miss out on this tax year’s ISA allowance. That’s why we’ve worked up a handy guide … Read More

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Look for cash Isa fixed and variable rate best buys (listed below) After all just topping up could cost savers dearly

As we near the end of the current tax year, we expect the usual rush of savers looking to maximise this years’ ISA allowance. However choosing the wrong account could cost savers over time, as some existing ISAs pay derisory … Read More

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