Can your fixed rate ISA provider cope with the New ISA? (with a list of saving providers that can)

The Budget took many of us by surprise, none more so than the banks and building societies that now have to scramble in preparation for the new ISA rules coming into force on 1 July. Some providers were quick to … Read More

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A handy last minute guide to the best variable and fixed rate cash ISAs

With just days left until the end of the 2013/14 tax year, savers would be wise to move fast if they don’t want to miss out on this tax year’s ISA allowance. That’s why we’ve worked up a handy guide … Read More

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Look for cash Isa fixed and variable rate best buys (listed below) After all just topping up could cost savers dearly

As we near the end of the current tax year, we expect the usual rush of savers looking to maximise this years’ ISA allowance. However choosing the wrong account could cost savers over time, as some existing ISAs pay derisory … Read More

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A Budget for savers. About time!

It’s been a long time coming but finally the Chancellor has listened to our call to recognise the plight of savers. It’s high time that the ISA rules were changed so that those who would prefer to remain or switch … Read More

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Halifax two and three year fixed rate ISAs jump to the top of the best buy tables

Halifax has finally announced its Cash ISAs for the 2014 ISA season and it is offering a little bit of cheer with some competitive rates. That said, it’s a bit of a mixed bag and continues the underwhelming feel for … Read More

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Santander kicks off cash Isa season with mixed bag of offers

This is the one we’ve been waiting for. The launch of the Santander Cash ISAs is usually an indication of how the ISA season will progress. Unfortunately, this year it has confirmed our fears that providers’ appetite for savers cash … Read More

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Rates are low but it’s still worth taking out a cash Isa this year

With the outlook seemingly bleak, savers are asking whether using their cash ISA is worthwhile, especially when there are high interest rate current accounts that pay better interest, even after basic rate and 40% tax has been deducted. The problem … Read More

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Yet another ‘customers-only’ Isa offering this time from HSBC

As we approach the start of the ISA season we wait with baited breath to see what providers will do in terms of new and competitive ISA products. Traditionally we expect to see providers launch their leading ISA for the … Read More

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Best cash Isas restricted to locals and existing customers

Another day closer to the end of the tax year and yet another best buy ISA is made available to locals only. The Mansfield building society cash ISA is now only available to those savers who live in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire … Read More

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Bad news for savers as best buys are withdrawn

January 2014 seems to have been ‘best buy withdrawal month’, with best buys being taken off sale left, right and centre. Even longstanding best buys from the likes of Coventry Building Society, Virgin and the Post Office have fallen by … Read More

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