Five fund managers you should have followed

In the asset management business there’s a lot of competition to attract star fund managers. A fund group will do just about anything to steal a great manager from their rival. This means fund managers often move from one group … Read More

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Premium bonds – what are the merits of investing in them?

With June seeing the limit on Premium Bonds rising from £40,000 to £50,000, we look at the merits of investing in them and see what sensible alternative investments there are. Premium Bonds are a government-backed savings scheme. You buy some … Read More

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Convertible bonds – an underappreciated asset class

In today’s low interest rate environment, investors need to make maximum use of all available asset classes when they construct their portfolios. One, often under appreciated asset class are convertible bonds. A convertible bond is simply a bond which can … Read More

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The difference between funds investing directly in property and funds investing in property shares

Property has become fashionable once again over the previous 18 months. The once maligned sector, which was characterised by large drawdowns and daily liquidity being suspended, in some cases, during the financial crisis, has two funds in the top 10 … Read More

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Finding the very best actively managed funds

Fund managers have had a bit of a battering recently. Not a single weekend seems to go by without some report or another claiming that actively-managed funds are expensive, fund managers fail to deliver and offer no value for investors. … Read More

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Oil equities starting to look a better prospect

Until recently, the price of crude oil had enjoyed one of its most stable periods, with tensions following the toppling of Gaddafi in 2011 abating and both demand and supply remaining steady in the years following. However, with rise of … Read More

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Mario Draghi may need to do more

Just under two years ago, Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, promised he’d do whatever it would take to save the Euro. His words alone seemed to be enough for markets and until now, he has not been … Read More

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High yield bonds – what approach should UK investors take?

There has been some talk in the media in recent months of a “bubble” forming in the high yield end of the bond market. I thought now would be a good time to evaluate the outlook for high yield bonds … Read More

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Europe – not as cheap as it was, but things could get interesting if the ECB unleashes quantitative easing

With the UK economy surprising almost everyone, surging out of its prolonged slump in early 2013, the poor man tag of the developed world now rests firmly on the shoulders of Europe. The recent turmoil in emerging markets has added … Read More

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Fifteen years of ISAs and the best and worst performing funds

The start of the next tax year marks the 15th anniversary of the ISA wrapper. It started its life under a bit of a cloud as the maximum allowance was lower than its predecessor, the PEP, and, over the years, some … Read More

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