Europe – not as cheap as it was, but things could get interesting if the ECB unleashes quantitative easing

With the UK economy surprising almost everyone, surging out of its prolonged slump in early 2013, the poor man tag of the developed world now rests firmly on the shoulders of Europe. The recent turmoil in emerging markets has added … Read More

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Fifteen years of ISAs and the best and worst performing funds

The start of the next tax year marks the 15th anniversary of the ISA wrapper. It started its life under a bit of a cloud as the maximum allowance was lower than its predecessor, the PEP, and, over the years, some … Read More

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Hailing Isa independence day!

ISAs are approaching their 15th anniversary and, over the years, any tweaks to the wrapper have generally been disadvantageous. The 2014 Budget has finally reversed that trend and the ISA has become a formidable tool for savers and investors. Thousands of … Read More

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Still bullish on Japan in the medium term?

This time last year markets were swooning over the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe’s package of reforms, known as Abenomics. In fact, the Nikkei 225 was the top-performing developed market index in 2013 and, coming into 2014, many market commentators, … Read More

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Investing in gold – it could surprise on the upside but it’s only for the brave

There are few assets that divide opinion in quite the same way as gold. In fact the man considered to be the most successful investor of all time, Warren Buffet, said if Martians could see the way we behave around … Read More

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Property – yield is important but there are other reasons to invest

With interest rates remaining at record lows, equities suffering yield compression and investors nervous of bond markets, they are increasingly having to look beyond the major assets classes to find both yield and value. One sector that has come back … Read More

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Indian equities remain a good long term bet

It’s no understatement to say I’m a bit of a sports fan. Thanks to a very understanding wife, I spend every other weekend watching my beloved Chelsea play football and, in between times, I’m not adverse to the odd round … Read More

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Inheritance tax planning – there are options for those prepared to accept some investment risk

Inheritance tax (IHT) was always intended as a means to re-distribute the old money from the super rich to the lower classes. Unfortunately it does nothing of the kind, as the super-wealthy have become accustomed to using tax accountants and … Read More

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Latin American lessons for investors?

A friend of mine moved to Mexico last month. Not anywhere near the coast, unfortunately, so no cheap beach holiday in the offing, but to Monterrey, the biggest industrial city in Mexico and the commercial centre of the north. It’s … Read More

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Is now a buying opportunity for emerging market equities?

While emerging market economies are generally in much better health than their developed market counterparts, the same cannot be said for the region in investment terms. And if we ever needed proof that the state of an economy has little … Read More

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