Technology investing is changing to capture the next growth phase

Investing in technology no longer means finding the next Facebook while its founder is still working in a garage and wearing tracksuit bottoms. Industries including healthcare, energy and manufacturing are delivering the next wave of digital disruption. As with the … Read More

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Five reasons European markets could beat the US in 2016

The US market has been a great place to invest since the financial crisis began in 2008. It has  outperformed Europe in six of the past eight years. From 1st Jan 2008 until now, the European market is up just … Read More

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US companies are raising dividend payments and more firms are getting the divi habit

It’s a well-known fact that it’s difficult to find a good, actively-managed US equity fund, which consistently outperforms the index. It’s even more difficult to find a good US equity fund that produces a decent yield. Most struggle to pay … Read More

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Not just for gap year students – Is Vietnam now a destination for investors’ cash?

In the third and penultimate blog in my mini-series on frontier markets, I will be looking at Vietnam – a country many still think of in terms of its eponymous war with the US in the 1970s, or the destination … Read More

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What are the reasons to invest in Poland?

In the second of my mini series on frontier markets, I’m taking a look at Poland. It might come as a surprise to some people that Poland is still considered to be an emerging market, let alone a frontier market. … Read More

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Is Iran the next opportunity for emerging market investors?

With China imploding, Latin America in heavy decline and Russia seemingly on a path of global exclusion, the emerging market growth of yesterday is looking increasingly unattractive. So where could emerging market managers turn to now, what is the next … Read More

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The Chinese stock market – the ultimate battle between capitalist fear and communist government

In just over one month $3 trillion has been wiped off Chinese stock markets. The collapse follows a 150% rise in the Shanghai composite over the past 12 months – a state sanctioned government rally, fuelled by borrowed money and … Read More

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Five fund managers you should have followed

In the asset management business there’s a lot of competition to attract star fund managers. A fund group will do just about anything to steal a great manager from their rival. This means fund managers often move from one group … Read More

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Premium bonds – what are the merits of investing in them?

With June seeing the limit on Premium Bonds rising from £40,000 to £50,000, we look at the merits of investing in them and see what sensible alternative investments there are. Premium Bonds are a government-backed savings scheme. You buy some … Read More

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Convertible bonds – an underappreciated asset class

In today’s low interest rate environment, investors need to make maximum use of all available asset classes when they construct their portfolios. One, often under appreciated asset class are convertible bonds. A convertible bond is simply a bond which can … Read More

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