Married couples and civil partnerships will benefit from new intestacy rules but cohabitees lose out

Married couples take larger slice in intestacy revamp You may have read about the intestacy laws in England & Wales changing recently. On 1 October, they got a revamp. But as anticipated, it is only married couples and civil partners … Read More

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Worried about funding your children through university? How measures passed in the last Budget may help

The recent A-level results day will have had many students nervously checking to see if they have achieved the necessary grades for their preferred university course. Equally, concerned parents will have been contemplating how they could provide financial support for … Read More

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Death of the 55% tax charge?

By David Downie, Standard Life Calling for inheritance tax (IHT) to be applied to pension death benefits may not win any popularity contests – but hear me out. As part of the radical pension reforms announced in the 2014 Budget … Read More

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The perils of do-it-yourself tax planning

A series of fairly tax cases really got me thinking thinking recently. They all focused on the “outrageously unfair tax results” that can arise when you make a withdrawal from an investment bond. You may not have seen these cases … Read More

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Retirement: getting the right fit for you and your family

Impulse buying – we have all done it and often regret it. From that Betamax video recorder back in the 80s, to the bargain in the January sales that was a size too small. But hey, maybe the New Year … Read More

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Inheritance tax: Making it simple was harder than first thought. Some multiple trust arrangements facing new tax bills

Autumn statements aren’t usually particularly entertaining to watch, especially when they coincide with trying to travel in the midst of one of the UK’s worst storms in years and being stranded at Carlisle station streaming the broadcast on a laptop … Read More

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It’s your inheritance…so take control

Procrastinators of the world unite……….tomorrow……….or maybe next week. It’s easy to put off things that we don’t like, such as that long overdue appointment with the dentist, or things that we don’t like to spend time thinking about, like making … Read More

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Your pension and inheritance tax planning – important issues to think about

What’s your legacy? It’s just over a year since the London Olympics. But the Olympic legacy will be felt long after the torch made its way to Rio. As well as the sporting facilities it will hopefully act as the … Read More

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Power of attorney and inheritance tax planning

Who would you trust with the PIN number to your bank account? A complete stranger?  No-one at all?  Maybe just your family?  What – all of them? Even that nephew with the shifty eyes?There’s probably some rule as to how … Read More

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