How ex-pats can get their currency conversion right

Whether you are comfortably settled as an expatriate, just about to make the big move offshore, or perhaps you’re thinking of repatriating home, making and receiving international payments can often be a laborious task. For many, international money transfers not … Read More

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The clock is ticking for public sector workers and their pension pots!

Are you in a UK public sector defined benefit scheme?  If so you have less than 10 months if you wish to transfer it. Why? The government is removing the right to transfer from public sector defined benefit schemes to … Read More

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The time has come! FATCA comes into effect today.

If you are from the US then you’ve probably heard of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), but are you aware of how it could affect you?  The legislation came into full effect on the 1st of July 2014 … Read More

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If I had a time machine – what I would tell my younger self about money

If I had a time machine I would set it for 2004. That is the year I stopped being a student, left university with what was a rather expensive certificate, and started full time work. I would use that time … Read More

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The income tax heat map of Europe

UK expats in the UAE should spare a thought for those left paying tax in the UK because they will have spent the first 147 days of the year working for the government! But Wednesday 28th May is UK Tax … Read More

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Personal allowance under threat for ex-pats following Budget

The UK is considering is a reduction in the personal allowance for non- UK residents. For the tax year 2014/15 the level of personal allowance in the UK is set at £10,000 for an individual. This is essentially the amount … Read More

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Are you an Expat with investment property in the UK? – You could be liable for UK Capital Gains Tax

Expats take note. Do you own investment property in the UK?  You could be liable to pay CGT when you come to sell your investment property. In the UK, if you make a profit on the sale of an asset … Read More

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Preparing financially for having a baby

Planning ahead means you’ll have time to get ready for the financial changes you’ll experience once baby arrives.  Anything you can start taking stock of now will make money matters down the road easier on your wallet and your sanity. … Read More

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The wedding of your dreams – how to budget and save for one

The average cost of a wedding in the UK is said to be not far short of £20,000, but the reality is your wedding day can exceed this figure by a long way. Few couples will have this sort of … Read More

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The five year expat master plan!

Aside from the lure of sunnier climes many individuals are drawn to live and work in other countries for increased pay, better benefits, even lower tax, and in some cases no tax at all. Becoming an expatriate can carry with … Read More

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