Can the Government really afford the new pension and annuity reforms?

Last March chancellor George Osborne promised pensions savers the earth. He is now realising it is impossible to deliver the freedom for retirees outlined in his budget speech without taking something away – unless, of course, he is happy to … Read More

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Fund management charges – progress is being made but there is still a way to go

Readers of Mindful Money will be aware of the worrying lack of transparency around charges in the fund management industry. Pension journalist John Greenwood examines where we are now and sees some reasons for optimism. We highlighted the depths of … Read More

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With the new pension freedoms, what exactly should people nearing retirement be doing now?

For the four hundred thousand or so people reaching retirement each year the current debate about what to do with your new-found pension freedom is more than just theoretical – it’s time for that pension to start paying out hard … Read More

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High frequency trading – how worried should retail investors be?

They say time is money, and nowhere is this more the case than in the world of high-frequency trading. But how worried should you be about the allegations of a stockmarket rigged against the ordinary investor outlined in Michael Lewis’s … Read More

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If you are not going to buy an annuity, you may have to completely rethink your investment strategy

Looking forward to enjoying not having to buy an annuity with your pension? You’d better make sure your investment strategy is in order if you don’t want it all to go horribly wrong. It is great that you no longer have to … Read More

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Annuities – did we fall out of love with them because we were made to buy them?

Whatever your political persuasion, you have to take your hat off to Chancellor George Osborne for the way he has completely redefined the UK’s approach to pensions writes pensions journalist John Greenwood. That he has achieved this without any consultation, … Read More

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