Are these the seven biggest risks to investors from the pension income reforms?

It is clear that pension investors are waiting to take advantage of the pension income reforms, but what about the risks? The Association of British Insurers has confirmed that annuity sales are down a spectacular 56 per cent on the … Read More

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If pension investors with £50,000 insist on income drawdown, surely they should be able to ask their IFA for help

Politicians, pension firms, financial watchdogs and consumer groups are in the middle of a huge debate about what you are going to do with your pension. Maybe they should ask you. With the freedoms announced in the Budget, everyone is … Read More

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Increasing the retirement age is not as simple as just keeping up with life expectancy

As we live longer, so it seems we must work longer. That is clearly the view of the Department for Work and Pensions. The department has a great deal of input into the amount and indeed the conditions attached to … Read More

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The Scottish independence vote – clear economic risks but there may be financial planning opportunities too

Every investor and saver in what is currently the United Kingdom may need their own personal ‘policy’ on Scotland. That certainly applies to UK citizens from Gretna north. But it is increasingly clear that there will be potential economic and … Read More

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Does Neil Woodford’s view on HSBC hold lessons for the wider investing public?

Neil Woodford’s blog can’t have made happy reading for the bosses at HSBC despite what was genuine praise for their management strategy. Mr Woodford’s investors may also have been reassured that a manager, famous for sticking to his guns, is also … Read More

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Taking advantage of the new pension reforms? Careful you don’t pay tax you don’t need to

A recent conversation between Mindful Money and Standard Life’s head of customer affairs Julie Hutchison saw her suggesting that the impact of income tax and pensions is becoming a lot more important and investors more aware. This will certainly be … Read More

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Why are the rail companies allowed to use a redundant (and higher) inflation index to set fares?

Isn’t it time the UK started to use the same measure of inflation for automatic increases in prices, pensions benefits and the rest? The fact that rail fares are to rise by the Retail Prices Index – usually higher than … Read More

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More choice on annuities has to be a good thing

We should give a qualified welcome to Royal London’s decision to offer its investors access to an annuity ‘bureau’ of ten annuity providers. Prior to this, the insurers’ huge customer base of four million people were offered annuities from Prudential … Read More

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Which is better NISA or pension? That really shouldn’t be the question

So will the NISA with its new superpowered £15,000 limit eclipse the pension? Should you as an investor be investing most of your hard earned cash in the new wrapper? It certainly sounds like the NISA has much to recommend … Read More

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Bank of England set to grab more powers to calm house prices. What does it mean for borrowers, savers and investors?

The Bank of England is determined to calm the housing market and also determined to find ways of doing so using tools other than interest rates. These days, the Bank and the assorted team of regulators are full of acronyms. … Read More

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