Could the state pension reform prove to be political dynamite?

The row over the ‘flattening’ of the state pension is only going to get worse in the five or six month run up to launch. Some excellent research, published last week by actuaries Hymans Robertson, shows that there will be … Read More

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With Mark Carney’s warning, investors may need to factor in climate change even if they don’t believe it’s really happening

If you are worried about climate change and the world’s inaction on the subject then you will be glad that the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney has intervened with a stark warning about the risks. If you … Read More

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Just as with endowment mortgages, this annuity reform could have unintended consequences

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has conjured up a Budget giveaway in these difficult times for those with annuities, but it is, of course, with people’s own money. With five million odd people in the UK receiving money from various … Read More

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People with annuities may soon be allowed to join the pension reforms party. But tickets could prove expensive

The Government may be planning to give millions of annuitants the right and the ability to trade in their old annuities. This means they won’t feel left out of the Freedom and Choice reforms, changes that are set to revolutionise … Read More

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Labour’s income drawdown price cap plans – too early and far too easy

One gets a sense from the Labour opposition that if they are in doubt about an area of the market, they propose a price cap. They are proposing to do this for income drawdown. An announcement from the Labour leader … Read More

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Could the party policies on pension tax relief change your vote?

The amount of tax relief you get on your pension has become an election issue. The two governing parties and the main Labour opposition are adopting very different approaches. There has often been speculation that in these straitened economic and … Read More

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Want to change your financial life and much more? Life planning expert George Kinder says he knows how

George Kinder wants to spread the concept of ‘life planning’ around the globe and to the masses. Life planning is the branch of financial planning which aims to go deeper into someone’s life, circumstances and goals to help them identify … Read More

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It’s the nasty, unsuitable, unregulated overseas property schemes that are one of the biggest pension risks come April

What does it matter what people do with their own pensions savings and investments when it comes to taking an income? It matters quite a lot actually for a host of reasons including their own financial well-being of course. In … Read More

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Football may not be competitive in sports or business terms, but the remedy – financial fair play – may be making things worse

Manchester United are tipped to take over from Real Madrid in the global financial stakes in the next two years providing they secure Champions’ League football. The Deloitte Money League suggests that United, despite last year’s disappointing seventh in the … Read More

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Transparency is good, but only a ban on teaser rates would radically change the savings market

The Financial Conduct Authority has investigated the world of savings accounts and found a lot wanting in terms of the behaviour of many banks and building societies. The clue’s in the name. This is a watchdog charged with ensuring that … Read More

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