Want to change your financial life and much more? Life planning expert George Kinder says he knows how

George Kinder wants to spread the concept of ‘life planning’ around the globe and to the masses. Life planning is the branch of financial planning which aims to go deeper into someone’s life, circumstances and goals to help them identify … Read More

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It’s the nasty, unsuitable, unregulated overseas property schemes that are one of the biggest pension risks come April

What does it matter what people do with their own pensions savings and investments when it comes to taking an income? It matters quite a lot actually for a host of reasons including their own financial well-being of course. In … Read More

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Football may not be competitive in sports or business terms, but the remedy – financial fair play – may be making things worse

Manchester United are tipped to take over from Real Madrid in the global financial stakes in the next two years providing they secure Champions’ League football. The Deloitte Money League suggests that United, despite last year’s disappointing seventh in the … Read More

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Transparency is good, but only a ban on teaser rates would radically change the savings market

The Financial Conduct Authority has investigated the world of savings accounts and found a lot wanting in terms of the behaviour of many banks and building societies. The clue’s in the name. This is a watchdog charged with ensuring that … Read More

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Could the state pension reforms spoil the Coalition’s good record on pensions and pensioners?

The Coalition has enjoyed a very good run on pensions but could the state pension changes prove to be an Achilles heel in the coming election. A recent freedom of information request by Hargreaves Lansdown suggests that as many as … Read More

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Tesco’s turnaround plan is a big blow for the retirement prospects of staff. But will they understand the full implications?

The members of Tesco’s generous defined benefit AKA final salary pension scheme have really paid the price for the mismanagement of the last few years. The story was nearly lost amid praise from market commentators but was reported in FT.com … Read More

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Big sell off by private investors out of UK equities last year, but are they really UK stocks and who are these retail investors anyway?

Capita Asset Services has caused quite a furore this week calculating that the UK market saw some £9.1bn of retail money moving out of equities between September to November last year. But should you be worried about what this signals? … Read More

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A liberal City of London regime is for the best, but it needs constant vigilance from policymakers

We know that one Labour minister left a note telling his coalition successors that there was no money left. Yet shouldn’t someone from the Margaret Thatcher administration have passed on concerns that the Big Bang – a huge 1980s shake … Read More

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At last the real scandal emerges – the lid is lifted on the disgrace of old style overcharging pension contracts

There has been a huge debate, a lengthy report by a top City lawyer and acres of news print in the last nine months about a huge Financial Conduct Authority blunder, which led to massive upheavals for insurance company share … Read More

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Annuities are not always poor value if you shop around. But that message is sure to get lost amid the terrible headlines

This morning investors will have been alerted once again to the fact that buying an annuity directly from the pension provider they saved with in the first place can be a terrible idea. In many ways it amounts to locking … Read More

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