The most dangerous decision – when do I invest?

When in the midst of the market noise, cool calm common sense is hard to find. Every so often it is worth reminding ourselves of some important statistics that just underline why it is vital we all invest and not … Read More

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‘Topsey Turvey’ Alice’s retirement portfolio

There are times when you can be forgiven for thinking that the world has turned upside down. Possibly times when everything you have been taught seems to be now almost irrelevant and someone has changed the rules. Well when it … Read More

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Cash is king but it comes at a cost

By Ben Kumar, investment manager, 7IM Most interest rates around the world are at, or close to, all time lows. The extreme case is Switzerland, where the national bank has set a negative base rate of -0.75%; meaning that it … Read More

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Taking a longer view of your returns

Time to take a longer view I think. The papers seem to be full of pundits predicting that “the end is nigh” for stock market valuations at their current level. The auguries being cited seem to cover everything from the … Read More

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Scottish independence – all others risks pale besides the currency risk

Ben Kumar, investment manager with 7IM considers the implications of  Scottish independence for investors portfolios The debate on Scottish Independence has been in and out of the headlines for months. Part of this excitement is justified – as we said … Read More

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A radical change that could see investment in Britain’s local entrepreneurs

A Banking Spring? Only four years ago we all felt the demolition ball crash into much of the UK banking sector as banks collapsed and failed. Then we all saw the tawdry sight of those senior banking executives squirming in … Read More

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Should we sell in May and go away. No! But it may be time to drop those old tired investment phrases

May, or so the statisticians say, is usually the lowest month for the volume of share transactions, and in fact for the summer as a whole there is usually a dip in volumes which can often be accompanied by slips … Read More

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The FTSE – a fatuous financial fallacy?

Every night we are fed the business news in fairly simplistic shorthand, and you can be sure that the final sentence will be what the FTSE 100 closed at today – higher or lower. This is given almost a cartoon … Read More

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Managing global fears and folly with global finance

From the Crimea to the East China Sea there are always political fears around the globe, and in a world of sensational 24hour news, you can be assured that seemingly even the most insignificant story can be blown up into … Read More

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Reality bursts the balloon of emerging market complacency

I know we should not applaud losses in value, but there are times when a shot of reality does every investment market the power of good. Maybe we have seen such a moment recently. For years we have put up … Read More

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