European financial market reform – what the new EU Commissioner needs to do

The decision by President Elect of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, to carve out financial services from the Internal Market portfolio and establish a powerful new financial stability, financial services and capital markets portfolio in the new Commission is … Read More

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Pensions ‘liberation’. What price freedom?

The coverage in the press about the reforms to annuities announced in the recent Budget was almost universally positive – indeed in some quarters it verged on euphoria. Few commentators – even consumer representatives – seemed to raise many concerns … Read More

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Big data: A big deal or just “big deal”?

The phenomenon that is ‘Big Data’ is much discussed these days so I thought it would be worth giving an overview of what this might mean for consumers. Big Data is not new. Quantum physicists, meteorologists, astronomers, geneticists and, of … Read More

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Social investment bonds can help fund rivals to pay day loan firms

The Financial Inclusion Centre (The Centre) believes that the UK financial markets need to be reformed so they are fair, efficient and inclusive and work for society not just the few. We would argue that these objectives can be best … Read More

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Why value matters more than ever

In my view, the issue of effective competition and value for money has not been given enough attention in the investment industry. Value and efficiency in investment industry is critical for two main reasons. Firstly, the new economic and financial … Read More

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Making the Retail Distribution Review work for consumers and society

Now that the big reforms to financial advice have come into force with a new system of charging and with advisers having to be better qualified consumer advocate Mick McAteer asks three big questions. Will the reforms work? Given the … Read More

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