Lamborghini or a Fiat Panda? More people are accessing their pensions but our clients understand the implications

While cars appeal to many, I am of course referring to Pensions.  The recent changes introduced by the Budget and confirmed in mid July have led many to show far more interest in pensions and retirement options than ever before.  … Read More

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Thinking of transferring your defined benefit pension? You may only have six months before the door shuts. But a rush is far from ideal.

Naturally the main focus of post Budget 2014 discussions has been the shock caused by the complete flexibility proposed under Defined Contribution (DC) pensions.  This has been written about in every newspaper, website and blog, but what about Defined Benefit … Read More

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Should you take financial advice about your retirement?

It’s a bit obvious that as an adviser I would suggest you should take advice when retiring, but why and who from? Firstly whatever your position “you don’t know, what you don’t know” and this is important as mistakes cannot … Read More

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Should employers fund retirement advice?

With all the fuss about auto-enrolment compliance, many seem to have forgotten why anyone would save into a pension.  It is simply to provide an income in retirement.  So why do many employers either completely abandon employees at retirement or, … Read More

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Final Salary Pension Schemes: Stick or Twist?

Our latest expert blogger the Retirement Adviser’s Nick Flynn alerts members of final salary schemes to the potential benefits of transferring out, though as always it depends on your circumstances. Final Salary Pension Schemes have traditionally been perceived as providing … Read More

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