Missing the signals?

The British – when faced with a fundamental truth they would rather not accept – have been known to simply ignore the facts placed before them. This is perhaps best summed up by no less a historical colossus than Lord … Read More

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Older workers: the challenges of keeping them engaged and productive

Back in July I wrote here about the rapidly increasing number of older workers in the UK – and also the need to keep these key employees engaged with their job and/or employer .  This is going to be really … Read More

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Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but everyone needs to understand the financial reality of retirement

Different Planets? Men are from Mars, women from Venus apparently.  This quote is often used to justify the way that the two sexes appear to take different views on any given issue.  And, according to research from MGM Advantage published … Read More

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Do the proposed retirement guidance rules risk eroding free speech?

There’s rarely a week that passes when I don’t thank my lucky stars that my daughters are growing up in the UK.  Prosperity, the NHS, law and order and free speech are all things that we often take for granted … Read More

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Can the income protection industry learn from the pensions story?

As a nation we rightly spend an awful lot of money on protecting the things that are valuable to us through insurance products.  House, contents, car, life, travel, mobile phones and even pets are common insurance policies that the average … Read More

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Older workers, the growing skills gap and how legislation could actually make this worse

Two sides of the same coin? According to the recent DWP document Fuller Working Lives, older employees are set to form an increasing part of the UK’s working age population. Employees aged between 50 and state pension age currently represent … Read More

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Are we really going Dutch on pensions?

A lot has been written about the commitment made in the recent Queen’s Speech to a new type of UK pension – one largely modelled on similar versions used in European countries such as Holland. Details on what is actually … Read More

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Tax Free Childcare: What about the losers? What choices do employers have?

The Chancellor’s March Budget speech will be best remembered for the seismic changes announced to the world of pension savings.  Yet this announcement overshadowed another important initiative in the employee benefits space:  the proposed changes, and improvements, to the new … Read More

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Do the Budget changes mean we can spare employers the costly, pension-pot-follows-member reforms?

We have all been there. It’s human nature to build our long term plans based on the known facts at the time.  The problem comes when the cornerstones of that planning is overtaken by events.  And in such a situation … Read More

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Pensions charge cap brings certainty for employers (for now)

So we finally have a formal response to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP’s) “Better workplace pensions” Consultation. I have been slogging my way through the full response, with an eye on those parts that are likely to be … Read More

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