An independent pension commission can only be a good thing for the future of pensions

It’s not often that I am able to write an entirely positive article relating to a Westminster missive on the topic of pensions.  Yet this is one such occasion. For I was delighted to see the following statement included in … Read More

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What employers may need to look out for if the lifetime allowance is cut again

Although we won’t know for certain until after this morning’s Budget speech has been delivered, leaked reports yesterday suggested that the Pensions Lifetime Allowance for savings is set to decrease once again. For those not immediately familiar with the Lifetime … Read More

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Are people really better off in a private pension arrangement than with their employer scheme?

The following passage in the March edition of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development Employee Outlook survey caught my eye last week. It said that “just because someone is not saving through a workplace pension doesn’t mean that they are … Read More

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An early letter to the next pension minister (when appointed)

An open letter to the next Minister for Pensions (not to be read until May 8th 2015) Dear Minister, Many congratulations on your new post! Once you have found your feet, you will of course be considering the principle policy … Read More

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Why Labour should consider childcare costs and income protection as new lead policies

Filling the policy void (and helping people financially as well) The UK Labour party has focused for most of the last 5 years on two key areas – the cost of living crisis and controlling the cost of domestic fuel.  … Read More

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Auto-enrolment membership passes the five million mark (apparently)

You can tell we are in the run up to a General Election – as official Whitehall announcements and updates are starting to reflect some political weighting and spin.  Today’s announcement by the DWP is a case in point.  But … Read More

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By all means police mortgages, but let’s not be ageist

The following news item on the BBC website caught my eye last week: Over 40′s being “frozen out” of home loans The story suggests that rules handed down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to try and reduce credit risks … Read More

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Missing the signals?

The British – when faced with a fundamental truth they would rather not accept – have been known to simply ignore the facts placed before them. This is perhaps best summed up by no less a historical colossus than Lord … Read More

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Older workers: the challenges of keeping them engaged and productive

Back in July I wrote here about the rapidly increasing number of older workers in the UK – and also the need to keep these key employees engaged with their job and/or employer .  This is going to be really … Read More

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Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but everyone needs to understand the financial reality of retirement

Different Planets? Men are from Mars, women from Venus apparently.  This quote is often used to justify the way that the two sexes appear to take different views on any given issue.  And, according to research from MGM Advantage published … Read More

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