How to clean up your portfolio for the new tax year

Leonard Bernstein had it about right. He once said of resolutions: “From new year’s on, theoutlook brightens; good humour lost in a mood of failure returns. I resolve to stop complaining.” Still, while one takes the point and considers the … Read More

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Looking beyond the fads for this year’s Isa

Are you a dedicated follower of fashion? If so, tread carefully when it comes to investing your savings – finance is as susceptible to fads as anything else and the results of falling for them can be disastrous. At no … Read More

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New Year resolutions that could make you rich!

What’s the true value of achieving our New Year’s resolutions? Well, apart from the smug satisfaction of succeeding where others have failed – and don’t underestimate the value of that – the financial benefits of many resolutions are far greater than … Read More

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An investment resolution for the New Year – check your asset allocation still leaves you on course to meet your goals

Have you started thinking about good new year’s resolutions for 2014? Here’s a relatively painless one that all investors should consider: make a promise to yourself to check whether the asset allocation of your portfolio still reflects what you’re trying … Read More

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Crunching down on charges – what investors should look out for

Energy bills may be shooting upwards, but there are a few things in life that are getting cheaper. Investment funds are one of them – thanks to reforms to the way in which financial advisers are paid, the cost of … Read More

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