Home truths – Next time house prices crop up at a dinner party, take a value perspective

By Nick Kirrage Here on The Value Perspective, we enjoy chatting about house prices as much as the next person although, when the subject does inevitably crop up at a dinner party, we are usually to be found approaching things … Read More

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Smooth operators? – Can so-called ‘yieldcos’ follow through on the quiet life they promise?

By Andrew Lyddon In a world where many people continue to view volatility solely as a negative, it isn’t overly surprising that companies continue to look for ways to carve out assets with more predictable cashflows and sell them to … Read More

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Balancing lacked – Bond investors may need to think harder about the risk-reward equation

By Ian Kelly In recent pieces such as Long-term cares, and Sale of a century, The Value Perspective has raised a metaphorical eyebrow about the way some investors seem to be weighing the balance between risk and reward. This time, … Read More

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Long-term cares – A new paper suggests bond investors need to be careful reaching for yield

By Ian Kelly Long-term bond returns under duration targeting is the name of a paper published earlier this year in the Financial Analysts Journal that recently caught the eye of The Value Perspective. Honestly. To its credit, it makes greater … Read More

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Pipe dreams – Talking up the price of your business can be dangerous if it does not get paid

By Ian Kelly Should you have experienced a strong sense of déjà vu about the way AstraZeneca set about fending off what it clearly saw as the unwelcome advances of fellow pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, it may not have been solely … Read More

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Costa benefit analysis – What can the 2014 World Cup tell us about behavioural finance?

by Andrew Lyddon As we reach the business end of the 2014 World Cup, with all four quarter-finals taking place over the next couple of days, the obvious question has to be: what useful value-oriented lessons might we learn from … Read More

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Wrong target – Investors in absolute return funds may not be buying what they think they are

by Nick Kirrage What are investors looking for from an absolute return fund? Firstly it might help to explain what the IMA define an absolute return fund actually is – An absolute return fund aims to deliver positive returns in … Read More

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Sale of a century – Even in the best circumstances, why would anyone buy a 100-year bond?

By Nick Kirrage Various questions leapt to mind as The Value Perspective caught up with a Bloomberg report that the Mexican government had sold £1bn of fixed income securities due to mature a century from now – in March 2114. … Read More

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Questionable interpretation– Investment quotes are great just so long as they are used properly

By Andrew Lyddon Here on The Value Perspective, we will often use quotes from other people because, while it may hurt a little to admit it directly, we ultimately understand we do not have a monopoly on keen insights into … Read More

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Siren song – Perceived correlations can be extremely seductive – and extremely dangerous

By Nick Kirrage Professional investors are forever on the lookout for evidence to help support the idea that what they – OK, we – do for a living is a lot more science than art. Anything seen to add more … Read More

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