The US should repeal its 40-year-old ban on exporting crude oil. Here is why.

A forty year old decree bans US producers from exporting crude oil, and it needs to be repealed. It represents misguided protectionism and is a hangover from the days before the US embraced free trade. We believe that exporting crude … Read More

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Solar energy is now competitive without subsidies in many countries

By Edward Guinness, Guinness Alternative Energy Fund While the outlook for alternative energy remains challenging, with government budgets still under pressure, price weakness in US natural gas and project financing still difficult, it is the potential for these challenges to … Read More

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The implications of Warren Buffett’s investment in Exxon Mobile for the energy sector

Warren Buffett, the US veteran investor, has taken a $3.75bn position in Exxon Mobile. Jonathan Waghorn, co-manager, Guinness Global Energy Fund considers the implications below. The sage of Omaha has recently taken a $3.75bn position in ExxonMobil. We view this … Read More

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Guinness Asset Management’s Will Riley discusses the rising oil price and what it means for investors

The Mindful Money webcast – As the oil price rises in response to crisis in the Middle East, Mindful Money talks to Will Riley co-manager of the Guinness Asset Management global energy fund, about the impact on energy investors, long … Read More

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Reappraising energy markets

IEA medium term oil outlook The International Energy Agency published its annual medium term oil outlook in May. It received a fair amount of media attention, with most commentators alighting on strong growth forecasts for North American supply and the … Read More

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Awash with oil?

By Will Riley A new study on global oil supply published by the Harvard Kennedy School has garnered several headlines in the press over the past few weeks. The paper (“Oil: the next revolution”) focuses on the idea that the … Read More

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Tim Guinness takes on The Economist

In the blog this week Tim Guinness, energy investment specialist at Guinness Asset Management, responds to The Economist’s Lexington column “How not to manage a boom” on the politics of energy policy in the United States. The Economist article is … Read More

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Biogas rises and Ethanol falls

Edward Guinness from Guinness Asset Management analyses the respective rise and fall of Biogas and Ethanol Biogas comes of age As biogas becomes big business, it’s creating new opportunities for all involved in managing food waste. Biogas companies face a … Read More

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Is American Energy independence a myth or reality?

Will Riley from Guinness Asset Management looks at suggestions from the media that a reinvigorated US could achieve energy self-sufficiency. Welcome to the new world of American energy – FT Energy independence is a farce – The Atlantic America’s Holy … Read More

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The rise and fall of Oil: Behind the headlines

As oil prices fall below $90 Guinness Asset Management’s energy specialist Will Riley looks beyond the headlines and into oil’s future. Oil falls below $90 for first time since Dec 2010 – Reuters There are two arguments here – one … Read More

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