Will the Chancellor George Osborne really take the unpopular decision to end tax free cash on pensions?

Will Chancellor George Osborne risk the wrath of Middle Britain by scrapping the tax free lump sum option on retirement in the 2015 Budget – just weeks ahead of the election? Investment journalist Tony Levene thinks not. Will he jeopardise … Read More

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Boost your income – the top dividend paying shares to watch

Do you live in a home that now has two post deliveries some days? If so, you probably think you are better off. But don’t be so sure of that if you hold Royal Mail shares. The additional delivery comes … Read More

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Whatever happened to 4G? Or is this Moore’s law in reverse?

Whatever happened to 4G – the super high speed mobile internet that was supposed to revolutionise both our lives and the phone firm profits? Taking a look behind the hype can be instructive for tech stock investors. It suggests that … Read More

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What happens to Pfizer and AstraZeneca now?

As Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) returns to its North American home with its tail between its legs following the rejection by the AstraZeneca (LDN:AZN) board of its £70bn shares and cash offer, investors have a lot more to ponder than if the … Read More

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Not really the crystal methodist’s fault? Labour’s shotgun banking marriages may be to blame for Co-op’s problems

Just days after the Co-op Group unveiled a disastrous £2.5bn loss for 2013, shop fitters turned up at my local Britannia building society to redo the branch, tearing down anything that said “Britannia” and replacing it with “Co-op Bank”. The … Read More

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Will the mortgage market review choke property prices or just bring some much-needed sense to the housing market?

Put MMR into a search engine and you get around 54 million hits. Most of those are for the MMR vaccine which protects young children – controversially – against measles, mumps and rubella. Only a tiny minority refer to the … Read More

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Are the oil majors having to come to terms with the dawning of solar power and what should investors do?

The sun’s been shining these past few days. But that’s nothing compared with the amount of hot stuff shining upon power from the sun. So forget fossil fuels and fracking, and wave away wind power writes Tony Levene. The big … Read More

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Abolishing inheritance tax – Middle Britain may need to be careful what it wishes for

No tax is loved – at least not by those who have to pay it. Inheritance tax (IHT) is the least loved of all – for a single person it starts at £325,000, hardly enough for a very modest house … Read More

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Is Tesla Motors the next Apple?

You don’t have to be a petrol head to know Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini – or the more ‘downmarket’ Jaguar or Lotus. But if you are petrol head, you may not wish to know about Tesla, the electric sports car … Read More

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The Royal Mail sell off – if Vince Cable won’t resign then at least he should apologise

An old City adages suggests “always leave something for the next man” – it was composed in an era when women were absent from the market – so give the buyer the expectation of a gain or they’ll shun a … Read More

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