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Why austerity is failing in Greece and why the UK does need public-sector pension reform

In spite of being in a building surrounded by protesters the Greek parliament voted yesterday to approve the current governments mid-term fiscal programme. This is not quite the end of the matter as there is a vote today on the … Read More

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Concerns about Spain build whilst the French proposal for Greece benefits the banks most yet again

Today is something of a crunch day for Greece as this afternoon her parliament will vote on her latest austerity package. This comprises some 28 billion Euros of austerity over the next four years combined with 50 billion Euros of privatisations … Read More

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How to handle hedge fund investing

Whilst at GAIM, the largest hedge fund conference in Europe, it was hard to ignore both the issues the hedge fund industry face and the opportunities from which they can profit. So how can you, as an investor, handle hedge … Read More

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The French “deal” for Greece takes centre stage but there are problems in Ireland and Spain too

Today is yet another day when the focus of international markets will turn towards Greece with two main events likely to compete for attention. The first is the beginning of the parliamentary debate on her new 28 billion austerity programme  which culminates in … Read More

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Commodity inflation has reduced but will Spain and Italy move us back towards deflation?

One of the features of the latter period of 2010 and the early to mid-part of 2011 was increases in commodity and oil prices which impacted on world inflation and in particular on countries like the UK which already had … Read More

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The US unemployment sitution continues to worsen and why did the IEA release some of its oil reserves?

Yesterday turned into quite a day as matters which were expected such as more debate/discussion on Greece  and the latest weekly initial jobless claims figures from the United States found that yet again they were in a mix with the … Read More

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By talking of more Quantitative Easing is the Bank of England trying to weaken the pounds exchange-rate?

Whilst there was always going to be some interest in developments in Greece due to the unstable situation there yesterday attention was then likely to move onto the world of central banking and in particular the Bank of England and … Read More

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Even if the austerity programme for Greece gets passed it is just more “kicking the can down the road”

Late last night the Greek Prime Minister got what he wanted which was victory in the vote of confidence which had been called. In the circumstances the victory was reasonably comfortable as the vote was 155 to 143 with 2 … Read More

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So after rumours of a “Greenspan put” and a “Bernanke Put” the “Shirakawa Put” actually exists

After considering yesterday the situation in Greece I wish to move further afield today and in fact to look at the land of the rising sun Japan. She has been hard hit by the impact of the earthquake and tsunami … Read More

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Greece is being let down not only by its leaders but also by the Euro zone’s

On Friday we saw quite considerable claims being made about a new deal between France and Germany on the subject of Greece. According to the political spin being displayed Germany had given up on her demand that private-sector creditors ( … Read More

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