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Even if the austerity programme for Greece gets passed it is just more “kicking the can down the road”

Late last night the Greek Prime Minister got what he wanted which was victory in the vote of confidence which had been called. In the circumstances the victory was reasonably comfortable as the vote was 155 to 143 with 2 … Read More

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So after rumours of a “Greenspan put” and a “Bernanke Put” the “Shirakawa Put” actually exists

After considering yesterday the situation in Greece I wish to move further afield today and in fact to look at the land of the rising sun Japan. She has been hard hit by the impact of the earthquake and tsunami … Read More

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Greece is being let down not only by its leaders but also by the Euro zone’s

On Friday we saw quite considerable claims being made about a new deal between France and Germany on the subject of Greece. According to the political spin being displayed Germany had given up on her demand that private-sector creditors ( … Read More

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The effect of contagion from Greece and the further rise in the “ninety-niners” means that the US Federal Reserve must be very worried

The latter part of this week has been dominated by the news from Greece that has echoed around the financial markets of the world. If we look at the Greek situation this morning we see that George Papandreou has (finally) … Read More

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Energy: Climate changes investment opportunities

The facts around climate change may be disputed, but few would argue that there is an energy crisis in the making. Demand for energy is rising as traditional sources of energy are increasingly depleted or environmentally toxic. What is the … Read More

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Will Greece turn out to be Lehmans mark two as a US think-tank has suggested?

After discussing the travails of the Euro zone and in particular Greece and Ireland yesterday I expected it to be a difficult day. Fortunately whilst there was some unrest and violence in Athens it seems nobody was seriously hurt. However the … Read More

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Today’s problems for Greece, Ireland and Portugal have as their fundamental cause a single strategic mistake

Yesterday Euro zone finance ministers and officials met at what is called a Eurogroup meeting to discuss in essence what to do about the problem that is Greece. Even the most myopic of them must now have spotted that the original … Read More

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Inflation hits 9.1% in India and 5.5% in China and the UK admits to a “Sustained Off-Target Inflation” episode

After discussing the situation in China yesterday and observing that it was in my opinion far too early to call the turn in her overheating economy (unlike Goldman Sachs….)  I had a wry smile at the economic figures she has produced … Read More

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There is no “magic bullet” for the Bank of Japan as long-term interest-rates are already very low

This morning we have seen more information released on the impact of the tsunami and nuclear problems on the Japanese economy. The Cabinet Office in Japan released figures which showed that factory orders were 3.3% lower in April than they … Read More

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The Greek Tragedy: Could a ‘Haircut’ Help?

Debate has been raging as to whether the Greek economy can avoid bankruptcy. Just how big is the problem, what are the options and how is this impacting financial markets? Background to the Problem Greece is around €300bn in debt. … Read More

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