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Engaged investors and savers do better

In the last few weeks on Mindful Money we have carried many stories all of which really carry one message. Take the Chelsea Financial Services RedZone list as one example. If your fund is languishing at the bottom of the performance … Read More

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“Excess” money investment rule: an update

Previous posts (e.g. here) have discussed a “monetarist” investment strategy involving holding either global equities or US dollar cash depending on whether annual growth of G7 real narrow money is above or below that of industrial output*. The rationale for the … Read More

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Houses are not the only asset worth owning

Despite the economy appearing to be dragging itself out of the doldrums, very few would still have predicted that mid 2013 would see something approximating to a housing boom. Prices in London have escalated rapidly since the financial crisis. In … Read More

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The dangers of super clean share classes

Lee Robertson, chief executive of City advisory and wealth management firm Investment Quorum points out a few of the downsides in the trend towards clean share classes for investment funds. I trust that those who are familiar with my musings … Read More

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Who keeps the half per cent ‘cancelled’ trail commission? It should be investors.

With the retail distribution now in force, some product providers have switched off trail commission previously paid to advisers. Lee Robertson, CEO of Investment Quorum argues that if the trail commission isn’t paying for advice in some way, it should … Read More

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Global “excess” money still supporting markets

Previous posts, e.g. here, have discussed a simple investment strategy involving buying global equities six months after G7 annual real narrow money growth crosses above industrial output expansion and moving into cash immediately on a reversal. This strategy has outperformed … Read More

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What is a safe haven? Are they of any use to us?

The credit crunch era has seen not a few previously accepted tenets and sacred cows bite the dust. Unfortunately this has not stopped some from continuing to believe in them. For example my profession of economics has for a long time … Read More

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Markets in 2013 – more of the same but different while government bonds offer return-free risk

When it comes to global markets, I think 2013 will be very similar to 2012. The developed world especially will still struggle to grow and interest rates will stay low. Eurozone issues remain unresolved and there may be more bumps … Read More

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India’s latest FDI measures run into trouble- Part 2

In December 2011 the Indian government did away with the 51% cap on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into single-brand retail chains. From that moment foreign based specialist chains such as IKEA had the right to launch in India, provided they … Read More

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India’s latest FDI measures run into trouble- Part 1

It is no secret that India’s retail sector is hugely fragmented, to a degree that would be unthinkable in the UK, Europe or the US, where big supermarket chains dominate the multi brand market. For those in advanced markets who … Read More

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