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What is a safe haven? Are they of any use to us?

The credit crunch era has seen not a few previously accepted tenets and sacred cows bite the dust. Unfortunately this has not stopped some from continuing to believe in them. For example my profession of economics has for a long time … Read More

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Markets in 2013 – more of the same but different while government bonds offer return-free risk

When it comes to global markets, I think 2013 will be very similar to 2012. The developed world especially will still struggle to grow and interest rates will stay low. Eurozone issues remain unresolved and there may be more bumps … Read More

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India’s latest FDI measures run into trouble- Part 2

In December 2011 the Indian government did away with the 51% cap on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into single-brand retail chains. From that moment foreign based specialist chains such as IKEA had the right to launch in India, provided they … Read More

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India’s latest FDI measures run into trouble- Part 1

It is no secret that India’s retail sector is hugely fragmented, to a degree that would be unthinkable in the UK, Europe or the US, where big supermarket chains dominate the multi brand market. For those in advanced markets who … Read More

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India’s long, uncomfortable history with FDI

In an excellent paper, two academics, RamMohan Yallapragada, from the University of Louisiana and Madhu Paruchuri, from Tennessee State University provide some fascinating background to the current efforts of the Indian government to push through FDI (foreign direct investment) against … Read More

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Investors and their teenage kicks

Some friends came to visit last weekend, along with their two teenage children. Having toddlers myself, I found myself observing the behaviour of these teenagers with interest, wondering what was in store for later years. However, I couldn’t in all … Read More

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The future of the advisory industry

Q&A with Nick Cann, Chief Executive of the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP), the UK professional body for those committed to the development of the multi-disciplinary profession of Financial Planning.   Mindful Money: There has always been a community of … Read More

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Investor decisions – Experience is still not enough (but it helps a bit)

Weaselly satisfied The idea that personal experience isn’t enough to help investors make better decisions is one we’ve investigated before; particularly in Investors Decisions - Experience Is Not Enough.  The general idea is that our personal observations don’t generalize, because market behaviour … Read More

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OTC derivatives prove hard to tame

On the 10th September 2010 the EU tabled a proposal aimed at making the derivatives markets in Europe “safer and more transparent”. This was the beginnings of EMIR, the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation. There is universal agreement that transparency and … Read More

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Non-financial stocks deliver respectable return

Peter Richardson, in his excellent blog, points out that the S&P large-cap industrials index – comprising the 379 constituents of the S&P 500 index not classified as financial, transportation or utility companies – closed last week at a new record … Read More

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