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Managing global fears and folly with global finance

From the Crimea to the East China Sea there are always political fears around the globe, and in a world of sensational 24hour news, you can be assured that seemingly even the most insignificant story can be blown up into … Read More

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Footsie reaches for the 7000 mark. But there are better places for your money!

A lot has been made in recent days of the fact that the iconic FTSE-100 index (that has existed since 1986) is close to breaking its 14-year high, reached during the technology bubble back in early 2000 (Figure 1).  1. … Read More

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UK and European small caps may have more appeal than the US small caps

While global stock markets have continued their steady recovery following January’s emerging market-led swoon, a difference in performance is emerging between small-cap stocks Stateside and those both located in the UK and also in Europe. Now normally, you could expect … Read More

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More to come from AstraZeneca, Marwyn Value and Rio Tinto

Since late December last year, I have been writing articles for the Mindful Money website. Three of these articles were focused on single UK stocks: 1. AstraZeneca: Why it should defy the bears and perform; 2. Marwyn Value Investors: Unlocking … Read More

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Buy Europe! The ECB will have to give the Euro economy a boost

Why you should buy Europe now, before the ECB acts Yes, I know that you may be hesitant to buy Continental European stock market exposure, given the travails of the Euro zone since 2008. And you would be right to … Read More

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Introducing our new ETF, Investment Trust model portfolio

Are we already back to the races? As per the usual script, this recent stock market correction was unexpected and sudden on the downside, illustrating once again that while stock markets may go up steadily, they tend to drop out … Read More

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Engaged investors and savers do better

In the last few weeks on Mindful Money we have carried many stories all of which really carry one message. Take the Chelsea Financial Services RedZone list as one example. If your fund is languishing at the bottom of the performance … Read More

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“Excess” money investment rule: an update

Previous posts (e.g. here) have discussed a “monetarist” investment strategy involving holding either global equities or US dollar cash depending on whether annual growth of G7 real narrow money is above or below that of industrial output*. The rationale for the … Read More

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Houses are not the only asset worth owning

Despite the economy appearing to be dragging itself out of the doldrums, very few would still have predicted that mid 2013 would see something approximating to a housing boom. Prices in London have escalated rapidly since the financial crisis. In … Read More

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The dangers of super clean share classes

Lee Robertson, chief executive of City advisory and wealth management firm Investment Quorum points out a few of the downsides in the trend towards clean share classes for investment funds. I trust that those who are familiar with my musings … Read More

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