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Three ways to profit from bear markets

Most value investors already know why bear markets are an investor’s best friend.  Bear markets may be scary, but they’re the best time to pick up wonderful businesses at attractive prices. Why the best time?  Because in a bull market … Read More

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Is alienation the answer?

Capitalism makes it possible to exchange anything for virtually anything else.  All objects become commodities with cash values.  But people get attached to things. Caring more about the personal meaning of their possessions – or their beauty or uniqueness — … Read More

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Bad Traders Are as Responsible as Governments for the Current Sovereign Debt Mess

The emphasis of the blame for the current financial situation across the eurozone has been put on governments for issuing large amounts of debt, which have become excessive to the point of collapse. However I am not so sure they … Read More

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Listed Private Equity: A great example of market innovation?

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Financial innovation got a very bad name following the 2008 crash, when monstrosities such as “CDO cubed” were seen as adding massive toxicity to the huge volume of asset backed securitizations being cranked out by the big US banks. However, … Read More

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Eurozone: Investors switching to cash

So another week has passed with the markets rising in relief at some good news (Spanish banks being bailed out or ‘Spailout’ as someone suggested on Twitter) only to fall again, within minutes it seemed, as reality set in. And … Read More

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Hedge Funds and Risk Transparency Make Strange Bedfellows

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Imagine a random collection of hot shot “boutique” (i.e small) fund management houses, each doing its own thing in its own, jealously guarded way. Then, over the top of this, layer two things, the first being the massively increased appetite … Read More

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Active vs. Passive funds

Andy Parsons, head of investment research at The Share Centre, examines the differences between active and passive funds and the benefits each has to offer investors. The debate over active and passively managed investments is one that continues to claim … Read More

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Game changing IT could drive sector returns

Investment in information processing equipment and software as a share of GDP peaked between 1999 and 2001 and significantly tailed when the tech bubble burst. Ever since investment in this area has shrunk and since 2003 a significant gap of … Read More

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Is Africa the next Asia?

Africa Day falls on 25th May and has been an annual celebration of the hard-fought achievement of African nations to obtain their freedom from European colonial powers for many years. Nowadays, these celebrations are also used around the world to … Read More

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Property as a hedge against inflation- Commercial property Part 3 of 3

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One of the more frequently cited arguments for investing in property is that “real” assets like property and say, agriculture commodities, hold their value better than paper assets once paper assets start to have their value eroded away by inflation. … Read More

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