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USA: the land of income opportunity?

The US is known as the land of opportunity. It is famous for its entrepreneurial spirit, for companies which start off in someone’s backyard and grow to dominate worldwide. More recently though, investors have started to talk about the US … Read More

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Exchanges have much to lose as high frequency traders get emasculated

There can be little doubt that high-frequency trading (HFT) is a malign force in the financial markets. High-speed traders use powerful computers to identify orders as they emerge and instantly trade ahead of them, hoping to earn a small crust … Read More

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Investing in infrastructure

Andy Parsons, head of investment research at The Share Centre, explains what investing in infrastructure has to offer investors. “Infrastructure investment as a theme still remains relatively new to the market of Unit Trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies and … Read More

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The dichotomy between trackers and multi-managers

2011 was a year of extremes when it came to fund sales and the annual statistics from the Investment Management Association evidenced just how polar opposite different investors can be at times while perhaps trying to achieve the same outcome. … Read More

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Are the economy and markets approaching a peak?

Six-month growth in G7 plus emerging E7 real narrow money topped out in November 2011 and available information suggests a further sharp fall in February – see first chart. Allowing for the typical six month lag between real money and … Read More

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To change investors’ priorities, first change the law

The UK government desperately wants investors and asset managers to act as its front line in the war against ‘crony capitalism’, irresponsible management and fat cat pay. Investors, unenthusiastic about performing such a role even at the best of times, … Read More

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Unreliable memory and what to do about it

We tend to think that memories are stored in our brains just as they are in computers.  Once registered, the data are put away for safe-keeping and eventual recall.  The facts don’t change. But neuroscientists have shown that each time … Read More

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Can you be a contrarian investor?

One of the team at Mindful Money asked me for an opinion on contrarian investing recently. I gave her a point of view, but it made me think. There seem to be different definitions of what it means, for a … Read More

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Human frailty

By Nick Kirrage. Even professional investors are human and that can be exploited Regular visitors to The Value Perspective will know our preferred measure of valuation for a business is the Graham & Dodd price/earnings (P/E) ratio, which uses a … Read More

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Crowdfunding – same wine different bottle?

We had an article recently about crowdfunding. It made me think about the whole area of investment, in terms of social media, globalisation (link to Globalisation the world turned upside down), etc. Imagine, if you will, to 18th Century London. … Read More

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