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Fear of the new – there are a number of reasons IPOs should be approached with caution

By Kevin Murphy. A distinctive feature of investors’ recent fondness for social networking sites and other technology-oriented stocks, which some commentators have dubbed ‘Tech Bubble 2.0′, is the way many share prices have rocketed up in price on the first … Read More

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Investing in leadership

What do you look for in a company that you’re thinking of investing in? Broad measures such as P/E ratio etc., detail like a strong balance sheet or even the organisational USP and efficiency? What about the leadership? I mean … Read More

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OECD leading indices less negative

Behind the gloomy headlines, today’s update of the OECD’s leading indicator indices suggests that global economic weakness is abating, consistent with an earlier improvement in monetary trends. The forecasting approach employed here relies on the Friedmanite rule that changes in … Read More

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The decision not to decide

Human beings don’t usually behave as abstract logic dictates. Take decision making. Everybody knows that a decision not to decide is a decision.  Economists have the concept of opportunity cost. There are songs about “the road you didn’t take”, there … Read More

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The drawback of drawdown

By Nick Kirrage. ‘Drawdown’ is the term used in investment to describe the amount a share price has fallen from its peak over a given period and the reason it can resonate with investors is their perception of pain is … Read More

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Scars faced

By Kevin Murphy. Financial crises can leave investors nursing many psychological scars and one of these is known by behavioural finance experts as the availability heuristic. That is a complicated-sounding term for the relatively straightforward idea that we tend to … Read More

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A Greek default on the cards but the banks aren’t listening

The markets expect a Greek default and time is running out. However, banks still haven’t recognised enough of this loss, highlighting the pent-up risk in the sector. Deep-seated scepticism continues to drive market volatility and this will continue until a … Read More

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Whoops apocalypse

By Kevin Murphy. As the technology boom of the late 1990s came to the boil, Cisco, Dell, Intel and Microsoft emerged as the four darlings of the market and by 1999 had even earned their own collective label – The … Read More

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Market forces

By Kevin Murphy. Visit any supermarket and you will see shoppers swarming to take up those ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ offers that now seem to happen every week. People love discounts and not just on food – the same holds true for clothes, … Read More

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Market monitoring

I found myself shouting at the TV today, something I usually do only when GB or England are competing. In this case it was because of a comment on the stock market. The reporter said that markets were down and … Read More

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