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UK MPC still underestimating labour market strength

The MPC lowered its unemployment rate projections again in the May Inflation Report but is probably still underestimating the speed of decline. The jobless rate may end 2014 at or below 6.0%, i.e. close to the MPC’s current central estimate … Read More

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Fed up with the Co-op Bank debacle? Where should savers look for ethical banking now?

One in five Co-operative Bank customers are considering taking their business elsewhere after a scandal-hit year, according to new research writes Kara Gammell. Figures from Moneywise Magazine show that 18% of Co-op Bank customers said they are currently considering switching … Read More

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Should investors be shopping for income at Sainsbury?

A tail of woe in the supermarket sector UK Food Retailers have been battered of late – the main culprits being: The lack of UK households’ purchasing power, with inflation consistently running ahead of wage growth; The rise and rise … Read More

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Japanese experience cautionary for Eurozone QE enthusiasts

Japanese monetary trends continue to defy the predictions of QE supporters. The Bank of Japan (BoJ) bought ¥70 trillion of government securities in the year to April, equivalent to 15% of annual GDP and 6% of the M3 broad money … Read More

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Rates are NOT rising!!!

For months I’ve noted that ‘everyone’ has been saying interest rates would soon rise.  After all, they said, the Governor of the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve of the US had all but announced it. I also noted … Read More

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Insuring a growing 6% yield with Amlin

Hunting for yield? Look no further than Amlin! Want a 6% income that should grow? Like companies with long-term track records of growth and high profitability? Like “value” companies that trade on as P/E of 10x or less? Then Amlin (code … Read More

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UK vacancies / short-term unemployed signalling stronger wages

Last week’s UK employment report casts further doubt on the Bank of England’s claim that there is still significant disinflationary slack in the labour market. First, the vacancy rate, i.e. the stock of unfilled openings expressed as a percentage of … Read More

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The FTSE – a fatuous financial fallacy?

Every night we are fed the business news in fairly simplistic shorthand, and you can be sure that the final sentence will be what the FTSE 100 closed at today – higher or lower. This is given almost a cartoon … Read More

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Offside indicator – Rising car sales in the US do not necessarily mean the economy is thriving

by Ian Kelly One statistic some commentators have been trotting out of late as a way of illustrating how well the US economy is doing is the ongoing uptick in car sales. After all, buying a new car is one … Read More

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Piigs might fly – Opportunities still exist in peripheral Europe but investors need to be more discerning

By Andrew Lyddon The peripheral economies of the eurozone – the likes of Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain who, in recent years, have laboured under the unflattering acronym ‘Piigs’ – are once more back among the financial headlines. This … Read More

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