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Offside indicator – Rising car sales in the US do not necessarily mean the economy is thriving

by Ian Kelly One statistic some commentators have been trotting out of late as a way of illustrating how well the US economy is doing is the ongoing uptick in car sales. After all, buying a new car is one … Read More

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Piigs might fly – Opportunities still exist in peripheral Europe but investors need to be more discerning

By Andrew Lyddon The peripheral economies of the eurozone – the likes of Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain who, in recent years, have laboured under the unflattering acronym ‘Piigs’ – are once more back among the financial headlines. This … Read More

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Explore oil services for attractive value and momentum

Oil services coming back into vogue As a contrarian value investor by nature, I like to look at sectors that have under-performed and which look to offer long-term value. If we look at the performance of the various S&P 500 … Read More

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Limited budget for wage increases? Could better benefits hold the key to retaining staff as we finally emerge from the downturn?

A surprisingly sunny and warm day recently encouraged me to take a stroll along the seafront not far from where I live, and I soon realised that I was not alone in such a venture. After so many bad weather … Read More

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More to come from AstraZeneca, Marwyn Value and Rio Tinto

Since late December last year, I have been writing articles for the Mindful Money website. Three of these articles were focused on single UK stocks: 1. AstraZeneca: Why it should defy the bears and perform; 2. Marwyn Value Investors: Unlocking … Read More

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Focus on gold miners as gold glitters once again

Gold bugs have had a good start to 2o14, unlike those invested in stock markets. While the FTSE 100 index has lost 1% over the year to date, in contrast gold futures have gained over 7% in US dollar terms. … Read More

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Buy Europe! The ECB will have to give the Euro economy a boost

Why you should buy Europe now, before the ECB acts Yes, I know that you may be hesitant to buy Continental European stock market exposure, given the travails of the Euro zone since 2008. And you would be right to … Read More

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Global growth peaking on schedule

The sharp fall in the US Institute for Supply Management (ISM) manufacturing new orders index in January is consistent with the long-standing view here that global industrial growth would peak at end-2013 and moderate in the first half of 2014. … Read More

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Recovery position – Companies that have fallen heavily in value can go on to make big returns

By Nick Kirrage Imagine a company has seen its share price drop to the extent it is now 90% from its all-time high – how might it then perform over the next five years? Clearly, because otherwise there would be … Read More

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UK monetary trends still expansionary

The acceleration phase is over but monetary trends suggest that UK economic growth will remain solid through summer 2014. The forecasting approach here focuses on the six-month rate of change of real narrow money, as measured by non-financial M1 deflated … Read More

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