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Global growth peaking on schedule

The sharp fall in the US Institute for Supply Management (ISM) manufacturing new orders index in January is consistent with the long-standing view here that global industrial growth would peak at end-2013 and moderate in the first half of 2014. … Read More

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Recovery position – Companies that have fallen heavily in value can go on to make big returns

By Nick Kirrage Imagine a company has seen its share price drop to the extent it is now 90% from its all-time high – how might it then perform over the next five years? Clearly, because otherwise there would be … Read More

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UK monetary trends still expansionary

The acceleration phase is over but monetary trends suggest that UK economic growth will remain solid through summer 2014. The forecasting approach here focuses on the six-month rate of change of real narrow money, as measured by non-financial M1 deflated … Read More

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The rising cost of university education and how to pay for it.

Parents inevitably want to provide their children with the best education, right the way from nursery and primary school through to University. We all know that education can prove to be costly but how many parents out there can safely … Read More

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The economy of the Ukraine could not be much more unbalanced

Over the weekend the news both in print and on television was filled with images of unrest in the Ukraine as protesting spread. This continues a troubled period for this nation and it is time to peer under the bonnet of … Read More

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Life Insurance – it’s not all about cost

So you need some life cover? A reluctant purchase if ever there was one. No one likes to think about this kind of thing but most of us recognise that when we’ve got dependents or a large liability like a … Read More

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Broad monetarism still dominant but narrow money signals more reliable

Most monetary economists, and British monetarists in particular, focus on trends in broad money and credit when forming an assessment of monetary conditions. The approach here considers narrow money developments, additionally, to contain important information, particularly for forecasting purposes. The … Read More

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What are the tax planning options for higher earners?

It has become increasingly difficult for wealthier people and high earners to manage their financial affairs tax efficiently. Despite the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement passing relatively painlessly, taxes have risen significantly in recent years. Patrick Connolly head of communications at Chase de … Read More

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Investing for the Santa Claus Rally

Some of you may well have already heard of seasonal effects in the stock markets such as the Halloween effect – that the strongest performance of stocks tends to occur between the beginning of November and the end of April … Read More

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UK Autumn Statement: OBR douses Osborne’s optimism

Most of the measures in the Autumn Statement had been preannounced, are small in scale and will have limited macroeconomic impact. The main “news” is in the updated Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) projections. The OBR has failed to endorse … Read More

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