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Stress test – The experiment that suggests stress can cause short-term changes to risk tolerance

By Jamie Lowry How much or how little risk someone is prepared to tolerate as they seek to grow their wealth is seen as one of the more fundamental considerations in investment. Implicit within this belief is the assumption that, … Read More

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Measuring up – Are you sure your benchmark index is doing the job you think it is?

By Kevin Murphy Professional and private investors alike will often and without a second thought compare trading strategies or portfolio performance against a benchmark stockmarket index but are they right to do so? To examine that question further, let’s consider … Read More

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UK Bank Return – BoE now least open of major CBs

The Bank of England will this week publish the last ever Bank Return – a weekly summary statement of its assets and liabilities. The Bank claims that it needs to hide its balance sheet in order to fulfil its responsibility … Read More

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UK Housing Becoming a Buyers’ Market? Not good for estate agents…

The UK media has not tired of bombarding readers with news stories about the runaway nature of the London property market in particular, and the UK housing market in general, this year. As I have been looking to buy a … Read More

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What does the transfer window just gone tell us about the economics of England’s Premier League?

Last night at 11pm British Summer Time the latest transfer window for the UK football premiership closed. I would say slammed shut but in fact some deals  such as the move of the England international Danny Welbeck to Arsenal had … Read More

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Jackson Hole – and the expectation of Eurozone QE – has been the real driver of markets

The extended Labor Day weekend in the US traditionally marks the end of summer, and markets returning will find a very crowded calendar of US data this week, most of which is likely to surprise on the upside. However, the … Read More

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The current difficulties and dangers faced by investors seeking income

Since the recovery from the global banking crisis in 2008 and apart from the odd stumble along the path investors have generally been very well rewarded for taking the risks associated with both equity and bond investment. However, since the … Read More

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Scottish independence – all others risks pale besides the currency risk

Ben Kumar, investment manager with 7IM considers the implications of  Scottish independence for investors portfolios The debate on Scottish Independence has been in and out of the headlines for months. Part of this excitement is justified – as we said … Read More

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US stock market rise stretched relative to history – update

This post updates a comparison of the rise in the Dow Jones Industrials index from its March 2009 low with increases after six previous bear markets involving a peak-to-trough fall of about 50%. (The Dow declined by 54% between October 2007 and … Read More

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UK MPC minutes suggest increased interest in money trends

An interesting feature of the August MPC minutes is that the “Money, credit, demand and output” section includes, for once, a discussion of monetary trends. This may reflect the influence of the Bank of England’s new chief economist, Andrew Haldane. … Read More

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