About Us

Mindful Money is a social news and knowledge network for the investment community.

A social news and knowledge network – what’s that? Old wine in new bottles or something genuinely different? Lets break it down.

1.What’s Social News?

Mindful Money’s social news is editorial content that mirrors the viewpoints, interests and conversations of the online investment community. It’s
editorial that’s focused more on you and your interests and the things that matter to you.

When it comes to Mindful Money, we look for new triggers for headline-breaking topics, the ‘story behind the story’ and new frames for investment news.
This way you get the whys and wherefores, as well as the facts and figures.

Social news is about new formats too: in the era of twitter, blogs, social networks and Wikipedia it’s just not good enough to keep churning out content
that was designed for another era. So here you’ll find new formats designed to work with the way that you consume the news that’s important to you.

Mindful Money also aims to help investors actually solve problems; whether that’s through access to information or unconventional points of view. In that
respect it’s a little bit like citizen journalism, but with an investment focus.

So, as well as adding value to the stories and issues you’re discussing wherever we can we’ll provide you with resources (step-by-step guides, videos,
background stories) and links to others who are covering the same topics.

2. What’s a knowledge network?

Knowledge about investing – why, how, where and when to invest – is currently the privilege of a few. Mindful Money’s knowledge network is about sharing
the knowledge and information of those in the know with those who aren’t – yet. We’re doing this so that more people can join the conversation.

This is the era of the DIY investor and the up-skilled IFA, so we want a bigger and more inclusive ‘tent’. So when we say a social news and knowledge
network for the ‘investment community’ we mean the expanded investment community, which includes those who are currently excluded because they can’t make
sense of it.

Here’s how our sponsors see it: “We’re backing the creation of a unique online platform which will transfer our professional knowledge and expertise about
investing – especially with regard to knowledge about how and where to invest – in the language that you use to talk to each other.”

Even if you’re a seasoned investor it can still be bewildering with new jargon, regulation, products and services continually coming on stream. CFDs, TCF,
ETFs, naked short selling, the RDR, the list goes on. We will be calling on some of the smartest minds, both inside and outside the industry, to help
clarify, decode and demystify the investment scene.

So, in a nutshell, we’re about knowledge, we’re about news, we’re about community and we’re a bridge between the professionals and every other type of

3.What’s mindful about Mindful Money?

Mindfulness is about making the links that others don’t, paying attention to history and voices from outside the industry, making the effort to speak in
ordinary language, taking the long view, paying attention to contrarian insiders and keeping an eye out for black swans. We’re taking a stand against fads,
groupthink, short-termism, scape-goating, media bias and FS jargon.

We’re about pulling focus on industry tunnel vision to give you the big picture. We’re about linking the people in the know with investors who want to know
more, in such a way that everyone benefits.

Welcome to Mindful Money.