0845 numbers costing mobile users more than £1bn

23rd August 2013


Consumers are ringing up a massive £1.3bn bill every year as a result of calling 0845 and 0870 numbers from their mobile phones writes Philip Scott.

Research from Post Office HomePhone and Broadband, found that one in four, at 24 per cent, make an average of one call per month to high call rate numbers from their mobile, adding about £25 a year to their mobile phone costs.

A further 10 per cent assume these numbers would be included within their free monthly minutes allowance which has led to a quarter, at 25 per cent, of UK mobile phone users experiencing ‘bill shock’ when they received a higher phone bill than anticipated.

The study found that more than a third of respondents, at 39 per cent cite convenience as the main reason for choosing mobile over landline, whilst 23 per cent prefer to use their mobile even though they are aware they may incur a greater cost. One in seven admit they have never considered the cost implications of calling from a mobile.

Hugh Stacey, head of post office HomePhone and Broadband, says: “It seems that in the age of on-the-go technology, we are prioritising convenience over cost when it comes to making important calls. Many companies, such as banks and utilities companies tend to use these numbers, so it’s useful to know that many providers, such as Post Office, offer free calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers during evenings and weekends.

“Most UK households have both a landline and mobile phone so by using the free calls on the landline, UK consumers could save up £650m per year on these calls. We are urging consumers to think twice before making calls to numbers with a higher call charge on their mobile phones and consider making the most of the free landline calls to ensure they are getting the best deal.”

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