£100 invested 90 years ago would have made £14,045 today

21st April 2016


As Her Majesty the Queen celebrates her 90th birthday, M&G points out that £100 investing 90 years ago should have grown to £14,045 today. The firm extols the benefits of buy and hold illustrated in the graphic below.

Ed Protheroe, Investment Director, M&G Investments, said: “Now, like Her Majesty the Queen, so many more of us will be living into our 90s* it makes sense to understand what investing can do for us over the long term.  With the wondrous laws of compounding and stock market growth, £100 invested in UK shares in 1926 could have grown to £14,045 today. Many major political and economic crises have come and gone during the Queen’s reign, but equities have been remarkably resilient. The buy and hold approach to equity investment, perhaps best summed up by ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ has proved its value over the last 90 years.”

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