120,000 investors have already registered their interest in Lloyds shares sale, with one broker

8th October 2015

Since it was announced on Monday, more than 120,000 investors have registered their interest for updates from Hargreaves Lansdown on the Lloyds sale.

Lloyds is already the most popular stock amongst the stockbrokers share investors, finding its way into the portfolios of Junior ISA investors and drawdown investors alike.

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Laith Khalaf, senior analyst, Hargreaves Lansdown said: “Sid has come out in force to find out more about the forthcoming sale of Lloyds shares. The bank is a trusted high street name and will be offered on attractive terms for investors, which has generated a wave of interest from the public.

“The tremendous level of interest in the Lloyds sale demonstrates how high profile offerings can really capture the public imagination, and get people thinking about investing for their future.’

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