5 Investment Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S3

29th May 2012


A fantastic free app. StockChaos is a real time Stock Portfolio manager that is brilliantly designed and compatible with Google Finance. StockChaos also aggregates the latest news and features from the mainstream media and the blogsphere.


The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool app is a great way to keep up to date with the latest financial news, and packs many of the features that make the web version so useful. The layout is slightly cluttered and the menu is difficult to navigate, but the quality of writing and the ability to listen to the podcasts on the move more than compensates.


Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a supercomputer for the Smartphone age.  Essentially a hyper sophisticated reference system Wolfram Alpha allows investors to check currency conversions, socio-economic data and stock prices and complete complex equations and data analysis. It costs £1.87 to download, but is priceless tools for investors.


Stocks – Dato

A simple indie stock tracker app that makes up for what it lacks aesthetically with an intuitive control system.  Stocks can also sync with Google Finance. If you can forgive a litany of crimes against the English language this is a great free app.



Probably the leading portfolio manager on the market; you can import holdings from over 60+ brokerages, but currently only if they're US based. No word as yet on a UK friendly version, but with a sharp aesthetic and smart layout the app puts some of its bigger name rivals to shame.


Vanguard – Investors

A feature rich, free app from Vanguard – Even if you're not a Vanguard client you can research Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs, as well as stocks, funds, and ETFs from other companies. The Vanguard App also allows you to track the markets and give you access to up to date news, videos and podcasts.


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