5 ways to fix the eurozone

9th May 2012

World food prices and protectionism

International food prices are on the rise and becoming increasing volatile, reaching crisis levels in recent years. This column argues that one overlooked reason for this is the rise in protectionist policies aimed at restricting food exports. Vox Eu


Five ways to fix the euro zone

Brad Plummer's five ways to fix the eurozone: More inflation from the ECB, more stimulus from euro zone countries that are in sound budget shape, open the bailout fund for bigger countries, eurobonds and more fiscal integration. Washington Post


How income inequality contributed to the Great Recession

Higher inequality, combined with easy credit, can pressure the lower and middle class to keep up with consumers at the top. The Guardian


Twelve Facts That May Surprise You About the Housing Bust

Here's one: No mortgage was "designed to fail." Instead, the products weren't designed to sustain a drastic decline in home prices. Real Time Economics


Quotation of the Day…

For economic historians: "[T]he Great Depression was deepened and prolonged by the policies of the New Deal, not because Washington spent too little in an attempt to prime the economic pump, but because what it did spend was influenced more by FDR's strategy for reelection to the White House in 1936 than by the economic misery into which the nation had been plunged…." Café Hayek


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