7 investment sites you should be reading

16th April 2012


The Reformed Broker

Irreverence in finance is a tricky business but Josh Brown's The Reformed Broker pulls it off.  Brown's blog is never boring and sometimes downright inspirational. Of late Josh has been taking on the established Wall Street brokerage model with some vigor.


Money Game

I can't endorse the entire Business Insider site, but I can endorse the work of Joe Weisenthal who blogs primarily under the Money Game banner. Joe is likely the fastest and hardest working blogger who cannily identifies new market themes ahead of everyone else.


Calculated Risk

Bill McBride's Calculated Risk is essentially a one stop shop for data and analysis on the US economy. As a fellow blogger I recognize the time and dedication it takes to maintain such a site. LIke a hyper-efficient utility you are likely only to miss Calculated RIsk if it is not there.



In my book I wrote a whole chapter on the topic of exchange traded products or ETPs. Given all the happenings in the sector you need a go-to source and IndexUniverse is a great place to start. The site combines data, news and commentary on rapidly changing ETP space. There is also a EU-focused version of the site as well.


Sober Look

I am often loath to recommend new finance blogs because of their tendency to flame out, but I will make an exception in the case of Sober Look. Walter Kurtz is doing good work in the areas of finance and global economics.


The Psy-Fi Blog

The blog is a "sideways look at psychology and finance." While updated less frequently than other blogs it provides a unique look into the behavioral finance literature. More importantly it provides a check on the many biases we investors that tend to trip investors on a regular basis.


FT Alphaville

I like to claim I was the first American blogger to link to FT Alphaville in a sustained fashion. Whether true or not, FT Alphaville still provides the most sophisticated take on the finance sector from the mainstream media.


Tadas Viskanta is the founder and editor of the Abnormal Returns blog and the author of the newly published book Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere .

Tadas curated the 'Investing Strategy' section of The Financialist which you can follow here. 

The Financialist

2 thoughts on “7 investment sites you should be reading”

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  2. Bill says:

    http://www.johnsinvestmentchro… – This site was recommended to me. I find it separates itself from the others slightly as the writer is actually investing his own money in the stocks he blogs about i.e. he puts his money where his mouth is instead of just giving a view on a stock or sector with no risk attached which I personally think gives more credibility. Maybe that’s just me though!! And the performance is excellent which helps

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