A quarter of Brits have turned down wedding invite due to costs

1st September 2014

A quarter of Brits have had to turn down an invitation to a wedding because of the cost of attending.

The cost of stag and hen parties, travel to the venue and the accommodation bill all add up, but on top of this three-quarters of those surveyed by Topcashback.co.uk say that buying a gift for the bride and groom is compulsory and the same proportion say they would buy a new outfit for the event.

Half of respondents say they would spend between £26 and £50 on a gift.

More than half of Londoners would expect a free bar, while guests from the North East were less demanding as only 14 per cent thought their drinks should be paid for by the hosts.

A fifth of couples overspend on their weddings, but a separate study by Quidco.com, another cashback website, revealed that money worries are a bone of contention in many relationships well before this stage.

It found that a third of couples have argued about each other’s spending habits and one in ten people have to bail out their partners on a monthly basis.

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