A quarter of men take out credit to pay for expensive dates

5th August 2015


One in five Brits have used credit to pay for a date, a new study reveals.

The survey found that a quarter of men have been into the red to pay for a date, compared with 11% of women. The  average amount borrowed is £164.

One in ten of those surveyed had funded a more extravagant date using credit, borrowing more than £300.

The most popular form of borrowing was a credit card, but almost a quarter borrowed money from friends and family.

Meanwhile, 6% went as far as to take out a payday loan to foot the bill.

A substantial majority of men – 64% – believe they should be the ones to pay for the first date, while just 2% said women should pick up the tab.

Men said that the top reason for taking out credit was a desire to impress their date, and the top reason for women was concern about expecting their date to pay.

One in five respondents admitted to borrowing money so they could spend more than they could really afford.

The survey was commissioned by the Debt Advisory Centre, which is a commercial, fee-charging service rather than a free debt advice charity.

Melanie Taylor, a spokeswoman for the company, says: “People feeling under pressure to spend beyond their means, simply to impress, is worrying.

“Most people are comfortable with splitting the cost of dates, rather than expecting one party to pay for everything.

“People should remember that credit needs to be repaid, and it can cause serious problems if it becomes unmanageable. Using credit to fund a lifestyle that you can’t afford is a definite sign that you need to reconsider your priorities.”

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