A shock from JPMorgan is new fodder for reformers

11th May 2012


A Shock From JPMorgan Is New Fodder for Reformers

Nelson D. Schwartz says JPMorgan Chase's $2 billion trading loss could give supporters of tighter financial regulation a huge new piece of ammunition as they fight a last-ditch battle with the banks to strengthen the Volcker Rule. Deal Book


Argentina: lower growth ahead

"We foresee no crisis or credit event in the wings; just a slow descent into stagflation (slow growth coupled with high inflation) -or even recession, should policies remain inflexible for too long a time." – Food for thought, considering Argentina still has a lot of social problems to resolve. Beyond Brics


How The Fed Quietly Bought 1,150 S&P Points

This piece questions the 'real' value of the S&P 500 considering 1150 S&P points have been 'created-or-saved' since March 2009 thanks to the Federal Reserve's assistance. "That is a cost of $2 billion (not million!) for every S&P 500 point! Zero Hedge


Shock-Proofing Asia's Economies

Noeleen Heyzer insists that as long as policymakers make the right policy choices i.e. building a sustainable pathway to shared prosperity, then Asian economies will flourish in the context of sustained global uncertainty. Project Syndicate


Pain Without Gain

Joe Wiesenthal says something that can't be said enough: "The fact of the matter is that there's no example in Europe, yet, where the bond market has rewarded austerity." The Conscience of a Liberal


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