A third of UK households treasure their ‘collectables’ with Star Wars toys the most revered

19th November 2015


With the seventh Star Wars film set to open in cinemas next month, new research shows that ‘geek culture’ is in full force when it comes to keepsakes, with one in three UK households admitting to treasuring their ‘specialist’ collectables, according to insurer LV=.

Star Wars posters, action figures and models have been revealed as among the most popular items among geeky Britons, with one in 20 having such memorabilia in their homes.

But it’s not just lightsabers and storm troopers; collectable cuddly toys, comic books, train sets and miniatures were also shown to be commonplace.

Challenging popular stereotypes, the research found that specialist collectables are not just for the boys, with women making up nearly half of such enthusiasts.

The research found that Londoners are twice as likely to collect comics or specialist movie memorabilia, with the capital also being the hotspot for hoarding classic toys or working models such as train sets with half of all homes housing such collections.

Elsewhere, those in the North East are the keenest on retro board games and the Welsh the keenest on collectable cards.

The majority of collections average around £400 with miniatures, at £659, train sets/working models, at £597 and retro video games and consoles, at £503 topping the list of the most valuable items. However for 11% of enthusiasts their collections are valued in the thousands.

LV= home insurance is today encouraging enthusiasts across the nation to ensure they’re properly protecting such treasured items by recording extensive collections.

Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of LV= home insurance said: “Insurance isn’t just about protecting the family silver – nowadays it is just as likely to be covering a different kind of precious collection.

“So remember, whether it’s Star Wars kit or Beanie Babies, collections soon add up, so keep an up-to-date record of your precious item – should the worse happen you can get these replaced as soon as possible.”

10 Star Wars collectables you could have in YOUR home, courtesy of Kathy Taylor of Vectis Auctions Ltd

1. Vinyl Caped Jawa 3 ¾” figure – Very limited release; hard to find complete. £500-700 (loose)

2. Yak Face 3 ¾” figure – The Holy Grail for all “loose collectors”. £150-200 (loose)

3. Palitoy Death Star Playset – Iconic UK only collectable. £1000-1500

4. X-Wing Fighter – The most recognisable Star Wars space ship. £150-250

5. Carded 12 back Luke Skywalker 3 ¾” figure – First edition of this iconic character. £1000-1200

6. Carded 21 back Boba Fett 3 ¾” figure – First appearance of this iconic character. £2000-3000

7. Boxed Millennium Falcon – Han Solo’s iconic spaceship. £200-300

8. Droids Vlix 3 ¾” figure – Very rare Brazilian Star Wars tie-in figure. £1500-2000 (loose)

9. Carded Darth Vader 12 back 3 ¾” figure – The ultimate bad guy. £1500-2000

10. Star Wars Cinema Release Poster – Nearly all were destroyed. Very hard to find. £1000-1500


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