Aberdeen targets diversification with new fund launch

28th August 2015


Aberdeen Asset Management has launched a fund that aims to generate returns that aren’t dependent on ‘traditional asset classes’.


The Aberdeen Alternative Strategies fund, run by Russell Barlow, will offer investors access to a portfolio of alternative strategies to diversify returns against traditional asset classes.


The fact it does not rely on traditional asset classes, means investors have access to ‘positive diversification and improved risk-adjusted returns in a multi-asset portfolio’, said the fund group.


Multi-asset investing has become popular among investors concerned about equity and fixed income markets and the potential for correlation between assets in future.


Andrew McCaffery, global head of alternatives at Aberdeen Asset Management, said: ‘Alternative investment strategies are becoming increasingly central to client portfolios and moving into the mainstream.


‘This is why we have seen such strong demand for this fund. Many investors are constrained by complexity, liquidity, transparency and regulation. It is this kind of investor that will look to solutions like the Aberdeen Alternative Strategies fund to help diversify their portfolio.’


The launch of the fund is part of Aberdeen’s wider strategy for the diversification and growth of its solutions business and comes after the company announced the acquisition of Arden Asset Management and Flag Capital Management.


Historically, alternative investments were only available through less liquid, lightly regulated, offshore investment vehicles that are inaccessible to many investors. However, the new fund will provide investors will daily liquidity making it more accessible to a broader range of investors.


The team heading up the new fund have a 17-year track record of researching and investing in hedge funds and liquid alternative strategies for clients.



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