ABI calls for new laws to cut the number of young people killed or seriously injured on UK roads

14th May 2015


A revamp of Britain’s driver testing regime is urgently needed to help cut the high number of young people killed or seriously injured on the UK’s road each year, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) said today.

In the trade body’s Campaign for Safe Young Drivers, it has proposed having a one-year minimum learning period, starting from 16 and a half, limiting the number of passengers allowed in a car with a new young driver and zero tolerance on drinking and driving.

The ABI urged that the evidence for change is overwhelming. It highlighted:

Rob Cummings, the ABI’s manager of general insurance Policy, said: “For too long there has been a lack of action to address the safety record of young drivers. This is not just an insurance problem but a problem for all society. Alongside RoSPA, we urge the new Government to take action and publish a Green Paper laying out a coherent plan on how to tackle it.”

The ABI believes the “common sense changes” it is proposing for younger drivers, such as a minimum one-year learning period and restrictions on carrying passengers, could do a great deal to keep roads safer for all users.

“The international evidence clearly demonstrates how effective graduated driving licencing is in reducing the deaths on the road for young drivers. Safer drivers also means reduced premiums,” added Cummings.

“Reducing the toll of death and serious injury affecting young people on our roads needs to be comprehensively addressed. It will take more than road safety messages to save lives.”

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