Angela’s Ashes: Could A Slowdown In German Growth Save The Euro?

21st June 2012


Couple's Counseling for the US and China

Yao Yang says for three decades, "reform" was a word reserved for the Chinese side of the Sino-American relationship. "The US, one hopes, will grow to like the sound of it." Project Sndicate


Economists find evidence for famous hypothesis of ‘comparative advantage'

One of the most famous ideas in economics, David Ricardo's concept of "comparative advantage" (that countries should specialize in the products they make well), may well be on the money according to a recent paper by MIT economists Arnaud Costinot and Dave Donaldson. MIT news


A twin track to recovery

Slashing unfunded entitlements and stimulating the private economy with a big round of tax cuts are two measures that might put the UK's economy into better shape. Both would probably work, but neither can be done in this political climate, writes Madsen Pirie. Adam Smith Institute


Angela's Ashes: Could A Slowdown In German Growth Save The Euro?

"One question that may arise in the wake of the intensification of economic, social and political tensions in Spain and Italy is the following: Will Germany itself be able to avoid a substantial economic slowdown?" Euromonitor


Where To Next?

In his post-mortem of the FOMC's two-day policy meeting, Tim Duy vents his frustration at Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for moving half-way again to additional easing, but never seeming to get there. Tim Duy's Fed Watch


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