Apple launches new iPhone, iPad and TV console – are they worth the hype?

10th September 2015


Tech giant Apple has unveiled a range of updated gadgets including the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and a revamped Apple TV. Ernest Doku, technology expert at comparison site looks at whether or not they are worth shelling out for…

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s takes the popular redesign of last year’s iPhone, and revamps it both inside and out. Stronger glass and a new aluminium body should put ‘bendgate’ to bed once and for all, while the widely-anticipated 3D Touch delivers a new way to interact with our phones.

Rarely does Apple innovate for innovation’s sake. 3D Touch takes established functionality and embeds it in a phone, meaning this isn’t a gimmick, it is a natural evolution – much like Fingerprint ID. Peek and pop introduces pressure sensitivity, enabling multitasking throughout the device and breathing new life into once familiar apps, complete with vibration feedback for physical confirmation of actions.

Whilst Apple doesn’t traditionally engage in resolution wars, introducing a camera that can record in 4K resolution means this new device truly delivers bleeding edge technology. This is an iPhone 7 in all but name. Given the engineering tweaks, 3D Touch and a rose gold version, Apple could probably have got away with naming it so.

 iPad Pro

Apple has supercharged its bid in the tablet space with the iPad Pro, beefing up the iconic device with a massive display, promising a more vivid experience for entertainment, and a keyboard and stylus pen for productivity.

Demonstrating the iPad Pro’s capabilities with apps from hardened competitors – such as Microsoft Office – to show off its multitasking prowess, proves this is a strong device for both the creation and consumption of content at a high professional level. But for the average consumer, the iPad Pro isn’t more than a big screen and stereo sound, with a colossal price tag. And all those accessories, like Apple Pencil, are sold separately and they don’t come cheap either. This i s very much pitched at the business user.

Apple TV

The rebooted Apple TV certainly isn’t the console killer nor the revolutionary experience many thought it would be, but it does bring Apple on par in the swift and competitive TV streaming space. About time too, because Apple TV has been pretty lacklustre while Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV have dominated the on-demand living room.

For now, Apple’s dedicated TV operating system seems to have a great new user interface, and a mix of quirky casual games.There are also some clever hardware touches – a Bluetooth remote means no more pointing at the box – and iPhone style charging means no more rooting for new batteries.

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