Apple Music announces it has 11m users but can it take on Spotify?

6th August 2015


Apple’s salvo into the music streaming business, Apple Music, now has 11 million users trying out the service since its end of June launch.

The total was announced by the technology giant’s senior vice president of internet software and services Eddy Cue in an interview with USA Today. He said: “We’re thrilled with the numbers so far.”

However these millions of users have been offered a free three-month trial which comes to a close at the end of September. Thereafter single users will have to pay £9.99 a month.

Only after that point will the world see how many people will be willing to shell out for the service.

Apple’s total number of users pales in comparison to its main rival in this area, Spotify, which has 75m active users according to The Guardian with 20m paying for its premium service, with the rest listening for free. Spotify claims that since its launch seven years ago its customers have amassed a massive 25bn listening hours.

“Assuming all the trial memberships are converted into paying customers come October, Apple would already boast half the paid memberships of reigning streaming champ Spotify,” said the USA Today report.

While the recently launched Tidal has 770,00 subscribers, the other main competitor Google Play Music has not yet announced its listener numbers.


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