Apple: Security concerns for servers

3rd August 2011

Compared to Windows PCs, far fewer proportions of Apple laptops and desktops have become infected with malicious software. However, according to the Financial Times (paywall), the report shows that a sophisticated hacker would find it easier to roam through an Apple network once inside.

Researchers from consulting firm iSEC Partners showed the Financial Times an advance copy of their presentation to the conference, it adds.  

The NCC Group, iSEC advises clients including Google, Facebook and four of the five largest US commercial banks on security produced the research. This concluded that while the security of Apple's Mac OS X operating system for individual computers had improved with new versions, infections were no longer unheard of.

Apple has this year issued a series of security updates. These relate to its software as it battled with distributors of fake antivirus programs who tricked some Mac users into downloading and installing their wares.

Microsoft, which makes Windows software, reported last week that it had discovered that a Mac version of a program for stealing passwords, called Olyx, now exists.

According to the research, Windows-run servers had been retooled to make that more difficult but Apple's server software is lagging behind.

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