Are Britons more devoted to their favourite brands than their partners?

15th October 2015


It appears British consumers are becoming more and more devoted to their favourite brands, according to a new survey from TopCashBack.

The study found that 52% of Britons confessed to being loyal to labels and brands.

When asked what they have been doing longer than they have been married, just shy of a third of Britons, at 31%, admitted to sticking with the same supermarket and more than a quarter, at 28%, said they have been drinking the same brand of tea longer than they have been settled down.

Interestingly, women who have been married for longer than five years confess to having a longer relationship with their favourite skin care brand.

Around a third said they have been seeing the same hairdresser longer that they have been in a relationship and just over a quarter, at 26% added that they have stuck to the same washing-up liquid longer than they have stuck to one partner.

Single Brits are also not-so-single, saying they use the same washing powder, go to the same gym and visit the same hairdresser whilst in and out of love.

Somewhat surprisingly, it is not price that is keeping Brits loyal. Around a quarter, at 24%, said they stick to their favourite brands like glue because quality is more important than price. A further 20% said it is the familiarity of knowing what they are buying. Customer service and loyalty points were also significant reasons Britons are committed to brands.

Natasha Rachel Smith, consumer affairs editor for TopCashback said: “Our research shows consumers are committed to their favourite brands and service providers, especially with essentials such as washing powder, tea and even their hairdressers.

“However because Brits don’t shop around or try different products they may be missing out on finding an alternative they like even more and at a cheaper price. In a day where supermarkets are constantly in price wars to attract shoppers, big brands are often discounted and there’s less likelihood than you’d think of a difference between one brand and another.”

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