As Monti replaces Berlusconi the UK Euro-sceptics worry for democracy

14th November 2011

One former cabinet minister of forthright right wings views, Norman Tebbit even suggests a scenario where it could happen here with Brussels' installing deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writing in the Telegraph describes the issue as the great euro putsch.

"As I long feared, the flood of cheap credit into Southern Europe and the slow death of Club Med industry by currency asphyxiation have together created such a dangerous situation for world finance that informed opinion is willing to turn a blind eye to EU sovereign trespass. Some even applaud," he writes.

Tough words, but not as tough Margaret Thatcher's former home secretary Norman Tebbit who argues in his Telegraph blog that Brussels would love to install Nick Clegg and even envisages a scenario where it could happen.

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