Asda slashes cost of fuel to less than £1 per litre

27th November 2015


Asda has taken a large step in the battle over petrol prices and slashed the cost of a litre to under £1.


The supermarket slashed the price to just 99.7p per litre, knocking 4p off the price of a litre of fuel across 277 petrol stations for three days.


The price of diesel has fallen to 103.7p.


RAC fuel watch’s Simon Williams said the cut was down to the latest drop n the price of crude oil.


‘We had predicted that the most price-competitive fuel retailers would soon be selling petrol for £1 so it is great to see that landmark price is now available across the country at the most expensive time of year,’ he said.


‘Even though this promotion only lasts for three days it will help to bring prices down at forecourts nationwide. While we are some way from seeing the average petrol price reach £1, prices at more and more retailers should be getting ever closer to that figure.’


He said fuel price data showed there was still scope for petrol retailers to reduce prices further, especially for diesel.



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